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ATTN: North Jersey & NYC Locals!!!

This is Buddy.  He wants to come in out of the rain.  And I am trying not to cry right now cause I can’t let him. 

He’s our neighborhood stray, who we think was abandoned within the past year.  We’ve been feeding him since last summer.  He is sweet and affectionate and possesses many cat skills, such as jumping onto and balancing on high fences, hunting dumb squirrels, meowing loudly for food, snuggling and head-butting.  He is neutered and the vet estimated him to be 2-3 years old.  He is also FeLV+, but has no apparent symptoms.  He may well live a long and healthy life if given the chance to be cared for in a loving home.

However, we already have two cats who could be infected, so I can’t bring him in.  Also for this reason, shelters will not take him: too much risk of infecting all the cats they have, so they would just put him down immediately.  I’ve exhausted my personal network, I’ve made him an insulated little house which he refuses to go anywhere near because he thinks I’ll use it to take him to the vet again, and I don’t know what else I can do for him.

Please if you or anyone you know is in the area and does not have a cat and wants to adopt a handsome young kitty with the perfect personality, PLEASE contact me, I will drive him to you!  Even if you’re a few hours away, we can work something out.  I want this guy to go to a loving home.  If you’ve been on the fence about getting a cat, worried it will turn out to be an asshole: I’ve pre-tested this one for you.  He’s an angel.  Can’t you see his little angel cat wings?

Please signal boost if you love kitties.  It may get cold and snowy here again before winter’s done. Thank you tumblr!

UPDATE we have someone interested in adopting Buddy! I’ll keep everyone updated as much as is possible on tumblr!

UPDATE 2 the plan is for Buddy to go to his new home next weekend!! Thank you everyone!!