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May I ask why you don't like NCY or want to study there? No hard feeling, just curious. :)

I just don’t enjoy the city, and if you’re going to put up with the constant hurricane of bullshit that is living in New York (which, yes, I have done, before anyone jumps down my throat about that), you have to really love it. Like if I’m going to live somewhere it costs $15 for a pack of cigarettes and $2,300 a month to live in a studio with three roommates, an entire cockroach commune, and no A/C, it’s going to have to be Hogsmeade or something.


Finally got around to visiting the Plaza Hotel’s Palm Court yesterday for an early birthday celebration with some friends. I had heard good things about their renowned afternoon teas at the Palm Court and decided that I wanted to fulfill one of my childhood ambitions and be like Eloise for the afternoon lol. I’d highly recommend making a reservation beforehand since the place got fairly crowded when we got there at my 1:30 reservation. I’d also recommend making sure that your entire party is there at the reservation time, since they only hold reservations for twenty minutes before they make you get seated and pre-order for everyone else in your party that hasn’t arrived yet. That felt a little irksome since I’m definitely a person who hates going to a place and feeling unreasonably rushed for a meal, but at the same time I guess I can understand a policy like that. 

Since we went on a weekend, afternoon tea hours are from noon to 5 pm and they don’t unfortunately offer the all day bar menu during those hours, only the afternoon tea (once again, a head’s up about this would have been nice). Admittedly the actual venue was impressively grand and really captured a timelessly elegant setting with the plotted plants,  ceiling-high palm trees, trellis detailing, and a pink, soaring stained-glass dome. I know they renovated the Palm Court a few years back, so the dome is meant to be reminiscent of the original built in 1907. For the afternoon tea, the Palm Court really only offers two types: The New Yorker Tea and the Champagne Tea (minus the Eloise Tea which is sadly only offered to children 12 or below so we couldn’t get it boo). I settled on the Champagne Tea while most of my friends got the New Yorker Tea. Full transparency that they raised the pricing not too long ago, so both tea sets are worth a pretty penny at $75 or $95 per person. 

Each afternoon tea set comes in a three-tier stand: the top level consists of scrumptious pastries & sweets, the middle level includes the finger sandwiches & mini-savories, while the last level is full of freshly baked scones. My favorite savories for the Champagne Tea were the caviar blini, the thyme roasted prime rib sandwich, and the Parisian ham & white cheddar cheese with Bavarian mustard on a pretzel ficelle. My other friends enjoyed the bagel & lox, the country pate made with violet mustard, brioche crostini and cornichon, and the lobster roll with daikon sprouts on a butter brioche roll. The scones were pretty scrumptious as well, and went perfectly with the lemon curd, devonshire cream, and jam preserves. I have to admit that I slightly preferred the New Yorker tea pastries over the Champagne tea ones, since maybe I found them less ‘exotic’ in terms of the different flavors lol. I particularly enjoyed the lychee and rose water macaron which was just divine, along with the lemon & blueberry cheesecake, and the raspberry & chocolate eclair. 

All in all, I had a great time and think it’s worth coming here at the Palm Court at least once for the overall experience, though it’s definitely one of those special occasion places to visit.