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I had a really great time at Pride last weekend!!!!! People were so nice, the parade was so cool, we got interviewed by two publications, we got lowkey twitter famous, Andy tweeted us and mentioned us on his periscope, people took pictures of us, and it was all just one big celebration of love and friends and self and community💗💜💙🌈

protecting the earth, and our Pride

get you a gem that can do both

edit: Thanks to a lovely person informing me, I now know that’s @latieraeve doing this stellar cosplay!


hey everyone!! what’s up?? i got to washington dc yesterday and we’re leaving tomorrow morning. today we took a tour bus around the city and it was Funsies and i took some photos but i’m feeling………… really lazy.

i want to drawwwwwww i want to draw SO BAD but i don’t really have the time, and when i DO have the time i’m real tired to do anything ; ; walking is exhausting and my legs still hurt, my hips especially hurt… it’s hell. but also shoutout to the sneakers i bought, if it weren’t for them i would’ve gave up a long time ago lmao

uuuuhhh what else. ehhh i ate a lot today. a little bit… too much… my tummy hurts but the food is Delicious. i want to go to a candy store and buy sour candy, i really Need It

oh! also reminds me that i’ve been walking around with my 3ds, so if you ever got a streetpass of a Pokemon Alpha Sapphire player called Giuh, or mayor Giuh from Varekai… congrats! you were dangerously close to seeing a real-life cryptid!

i’ll be playing pokefarm til i go to sleep i think, also i’ll be browinsing this site a lil bit longer so if you wanna get in contact… nnnnow’s your chance!