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Disney Trip 2017 Looks

★Day 1 - Disney Springs: Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse★

@fairwind and I chose Daisy and Minnie (respectively) for our trip down to Florida, and as our @disneybound for Disney Springs! Our PhotoPass kicked in the next day, so we took photos of each other on this day! These are all pre-lip sync competition (that we didn’t win, but placed in the Final 6 and received exclusive buttons)! All of our Tsum Tsums on this trip are from the Disney Store!

Minnie Mouse Breakdown (@the-hearts-cry)
-Earrings - already owned
-Red Polka Dot Dress - found at an NYC street fair
-Sneakers - Forever 21
-Red Polka Dot Hair Bow and Bow Necklace - ICING
-Tinkerbell Watch - KOHL’S
-Purse - oddly enough, found in my college town’s pharmacy

Daisy Duck Breakdown (fairwind / @fairwindcosplay)
-White Skirt - Amazon
-Yellow Belt - KOHL’S
-Purple Crop Top - ENVY U
-Oversized Pink Hair Bow - Hot Topic
-Sneakers and Purse - A.C. Moore