nyc storytelling

I am not Afraid of the Dark

I am not afraid of the dark
or of his shadow at night
for I can see in his eyes
a moon-like golden light
and it leads me towards a path 
where king and queen walk side by side 
God be-fore us, no one against us
love between us

And I am at ease in the mold of his melanin
I don’t judge him by another’s sins
I know myself in the folds of his skin
I am not afraid of his dark complexion
In fact, in the dark, is where
I get lost in the mat of his hair
found in the promise
on the soft of his lips 
lost in the tenor of his voice
in the rough of his chest 
found in the roar of his strength
I am anchored in his self-assurance
His embrace, my ballast
I have roots in him, in his veins, thru his blood stream
I am not afraid of our dark 
I will never be afraid of him 
And why should I be, 
I love him



@dakotacintron for Fear of God x Purpose Tour, 2016