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my goddess

TITLE: my goddess

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: chapter 14

AUTHOR: pocmarvelworks

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki wants an heir. So he picks you, the most beautiful woman. He keeps you captive in his chambers and breeds you multiple times a day. Until he is sure you are carrying his child.


NOTES/WARNINGS:, screaming, cliffhangers

“You know, I’m actually surprised you let me go outside.” You look up to Loki and smile as he guides you down the street.

“Well, I saw how passionate you were about wanting to be back outside again. I just want you happy.” He looked down at you as you looked away. He smiled at how beautiful you looked. You curls framed your face beautifully, the sundress that adorned your body hugged your curves perfectly, especially the tiny baby bump that was already forming.

“What are you staring at?” You chuckle and nudge him with your elbow.

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