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Reasons why I watch Elementary
  • Joan Watson
  • Sherlock Holmes is rude, acerbic and frequently behaves like an inconsiderate asshole, but his behavior doesn’t get glorified or excused by the other characters or the narrative
  • other characters are allowed to be smart and competent, and to get angry and frustrated with Sherlock without the narrative painting them as in the wrong
  • Sherlock is actually fairly empathetic and genuinely cares about other people, even if he’s not very good at being nice and polite
  • Joan Watson
  • Sherlock’s actions and behavior have consequences which he has to think about and deal with. He is never condemned for who he is, but neither is he given carte blanche to walk all over other people
  • Sherlock actually forms meaningful and sincere emotional ties to several other characters, instead of just using them as props in his own life story
  • the show has an interesting and diverse cast of characters, both when it comes to reoccurring characters and one-off background characters
  • have I mentioned Joan Watson yet?
  • women are allowed to have agency; whether they’re heroes, villains or random by-standers, women on this show get to want and do things without having all their feelings, motivations or actions undermined by the narrative
  • on at least two episodes so far, the show has subverted the “crazy people are violent and dangerous” stereotype, portraying people suffering from mental illness in a compassionate way and pointing out that they’re more often victims than perpetrators (which is true in RL)
  • speaking of subversion, how about that Moriarty? Not only is it a neat twist on old tropes, it also sets up another female character as equal (or even superior) to Sherlock, while simultaneously showing through Sherlock that anyone can be a victim of abuse
  • Also, Joan Watson.

Okay I’m gonna wrap this up by talking about Joan Watson for a second:

she will not take shit from anybody. Doesn’t matter if it’s Sherlock, Gregson or freaking Moriarty, Joan Watson will call them out if and when she sees fit. She is kind, compassionate and emotionally astute. All of these things are portrayed as good things in the show. None of these things gets painted as weakness.

She is Sherlock’s equal and the narrative supports this claim 100%. She is not vilified for her flaws or her mistakes. She took down Moriarty, and now Moriarty has a huge obsessive crush on her, which just further supports the whole “Watson and Holmes are equals” thing, since now Sherlock’s super genius arch-nemesis is also Joan’s.

she is awesome. Her relationship with Sherlock is probably one of the healthiest partnerships on TV right now, built on mutual trust and admiration and homicide investigation

in conclusion: Joan Watson

also some other things


“Momentum”  ~commission/companion piece for the lovely SoYeahSo’s fic -These Vagabond Shoes- preview below…


Her momentum when she reaches him and wraps her arms around him is enough to knock a bit of the wind out of him, but he does remain standing. She squeezes him tightly and he tentatively places his hands on her shoulders. She pulls away a bit and looks up at him, beaming.

“I’m sorry. I just, I can’t believe it’s actually you. Until I saw you I thought it had to be some mistake or a joke. At the last second I even thought it might be a trap. But it’s you.” She hugs him again, throwing her arms around his neck, and this time he returns it, wrapping his arms around her and burying his nose in her hair (She’d been wearing a hat but it had fallen off while she was running) his sense memory immediately reveling in the familiar fragrance. He chuckles when it occurs to him that the entire scene has been set to music, and that to an onlooker it might seem like a bit from a romantic movie. It also occurs to him that this is the first time anyone has hugged him in months, and that she was the last one to do it, on the day he died.


Sherlock NYC mini-meet! You guys were fantastic and I love you *A*

First we went to Tea and Sympathy in West Village which serves an excellent cream tea, had lots of feelings, pondered Benny’s Burritos, and trekked down to Forbidden Planet in Union Square. I lovingly stroked a Bourne Legacy poster and finally got that copy of Esquire with Jeremy on the cover!

Afterwards we ran around Union trying to find chalk, talked a lady out of buying Roseart supplies, and CHALKED THE HELL OUT OF UNION. I only took a few pictures, but seriously it was fandom. Fandom everywhere. Marvel’s Superwholock with a dash of pony and Asscreed. Also Hawkass.

Afterwards, we went to Toys R’ Us in Times Square and, in the Marvel area, Cap, Iron Man, and Spiderman were taking pictures so of course we were snickering going “Superfamilyyyyy!” until Cap turned and started adjusting Spidey’s mask. Basically we all went “AWWWWWWWW!” at the same time. It was beautiful.

So yeah. The BBC potluck needs to happen.


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So I don’t get excited about meeting a lot of famous people but I got a picture with Steven Moffat on my birthday who is the writer of my favorite TV show of all time, Doctor Who (and Sherlock!) and he wished me a happy birthday. I asked him to describe Jim the Fish and he said that he’s a fish, his name is Jim, and everybody knows him and loves him. He said he doesn’t know if we will ever get to meet Jim the Fish but that maybe he would go home and think about it! I have never been so excited ever…! Thank you sooo much to @nycshutterspeed for taking me to see the Doctor Who Special in theaters and for snapping this photo! You really know the way to a Whovian’s heart… 😍

The Way Station with Sherlock NYC


For everyone that got my Tumblr, this is Ari/Jim/Sorry we didn’t make out on the floor/Would you like a Jammie Dodger there’s no mercury in them I swear/etc. Basically I love you all.

My drinks were a little on the unfortunate side (which is what I get for being adventurous) but everyone was great and I learned how to style Irene hair?

For future reference, The 7% Solution was the fizzy licorice drop from hell and the Kati’s Ko-something sounded great but tasted like cough syrup death (nicknamed the Cocktail of Frankenstein or Johnny Lee Miller as the Creature of Frankenstein though I admit it was a little mean). 11th Doctor was lovely, though!

Thanks for introducing me to this fantastic bar (They were playing The Great Game. I recited the entire pool scene *A*) and I’ll hopefully see everyone soon!