nyc record stores


The Dresden Dolls
Brian Viglione and Amanda Palmer

Record Store Day 
Signing line
The Virginia Monologues

Rough Trade NYC
Brooklyn, New York
April 18, 2015

(See more of my photos from this show here on Flickr)

The signing lines are the best part about any Dresden Dolls show. The connections, the interactions, the emotions, the love - all of that bleeds right in front of you. Sometimes being a bystander to it feels voyeuristic, in a way, and sometimes it feels like you’re in the right place, and can offer someone something that they’ll cherish - like a photograph, or access, or a smile, or understanding.

The very first time I saw The Dresden Dolls live was at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square, I went to see an in-store performance and signing for the release of their sophomore album “Yes, Virginia” a few hours before I saw them headline Webster Hall. This Record Store Day in-store performance and signing for their Record Store Day exclusive “The Virginia Monologues” was almost exactly 9 years to the day when I first met the band.