nyc pork buns

7 Express, Flushing, NY

We recently went on a food crawl in Flushing, Queens, looking for the best Chinese food the area has to offer. We went into the adventure with a list of restaurants we were planning on checking out, but perhaps our best, and cheapest, “meal” came right as we got off the train at 7 Express…

As we rounded the corner onto Roosevelt Avenue after exiting the station, we happened across this little take-out window selling pork buns…

Simply sitting on the open counter in a crockpot…

We were hungry so got an order as an appetizer for our day of eating.

Three for a dollar!

And they were AMAZING!

Warm. Moist. Juicy. Flavorful.

Pillowy, plump pork perfection!


135-42 Roosevelt Ave.

Flushing, NY 11354