nyc pigeons


As a kid, my TV time was limited, but I always tried to watch Hey Arnold! on Nickelodeon. One episode in particular titled ‘Pigeon Man’ really resonated with me. The message of love, acceptance, beauty and freedom still applies today.

While cruising around on my bike this week, hundreds of pigeons soared above. They entertained me with an elegant synchronized circle before landing on a roof close by inhabited by at least another couple hundred birds. Then I saw a man. The Pigeon Man was real and I knew I had to photograph him.

I locked up my bike and just this lady was about to enter the building, I sneaked in behind her and took the stairs to the top.

The pigeon man wasn’t friendly. “Do you live here? You are trespassing.” I told him a little about myself and respectfully asked for his permission to photograph him and his pigeons. He agreed to two photos only. Here they are.

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Hands down the most cringiest moment I had being a 1d Fan: 

(and there has been alot)

is when I went to see them in NYC at radio city music hall in 2012 and girls were running after pigeons and calling them Kevin.