nyc on rails

LIRR Nightmares

It started off as a regular morning – well, a regular morning after a four-day weekend.  Your typical grogginess, difficulty waking up to an alarm, general irritation.  

All normal.

I left my apartment on time and not rushing for once (give me credit for this) and saw a text from my mother around 7:50am.

“Is your train on time?”

(I believe they call this foreshadowing)

I get ready with the news on every morning and didn’t hear anything about LIRR delays, so I wondered why she was asking that.  I also wasn’t at the train yet since I take the 8:03 every morning so I didn’t know.  But I thought nothing of it.

I got on my train and quickly heard that they were experiencing some delays (WHAT ELSE IS NEW) and would be making local stops.  Eh, I can live with that.  That’s all fine.

But then, all hell broke loose.  Instead of just telling you what happened in my own words, I can also show you in series of photos.  Alternative title to this post:  ALLISON HAS A MENTAL BREAKDOWN.


First, the alerts.   The Long Island Railroad isn’t great at saying, “hey, there are going to be delays later; you might want to plan accordingly!” but they ARE great at saying, “uh, yeah, there are delays now.  but you probably know that already.

It wasn’t awful, though.  Sure, I was late, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I figured all the extra stops were causing the 20 minute delay (which I can live with!  I’m easygoing and patient!  Very go with the flow!

But then… we stopped.  There was no more movement.  I looked at my calendar to see what meetings I had today at work, and the first call was at 10:30.  Phew, I’ll probably make that, right?

(Foreshadowing again)

I email my team and tell them I’m going to be late and decided to just try and be patient (something I suck at), throw on some music and deal.  I also felt like I should document the delay because I’m an over-sharer and have this weird thing where I think people care about what I’m experiencing:

I now started to get antsy.  My butt hurt from sitting for so long.  People were starting to lose their patience and tempers.  I felt bad for those who were stuck standing in the aisles, but also was secretly glad it wasn’t me.  I felt the train walls closing in on me and suddenly felt… panicky.  The man next to me – who at this point hadn’t said a peep – decided to call every single person in his phone’s address book.  LUCKY ME.

I look at my phone battery: 38%.  I should probably not use my iPhone anymore, but what am I supposed to do during this stressful situation?!  I HAVE TO CONTINUE TWEETING HATEFUL THINGS AT THE LONG ISLAND RAILROAD TWITTER HANDLE!


 not the most mature, but… *shrugs*

I *also* needed to keep concerned friends and family posted on my whereabouts:

of course I gotta keep Sue in the loop.

It’s now 10:30.  I’m hot, I’m full of rage.  I’m annoyed.

I’m late for my client call.

I think about all the times the trains have been messed up in 2017 and I get annoyed.  I THEN remember that I pay $300 a month for this godforsaken piss-poor service, and I start to see red.  Breeeeeeeeeeathe, Allison, just breathe.

I hear the conductor make an announcement on the loudspeaker, so I take my headphone out to hear it.  Only, I can’t hear it, no one can – the volume is too low and his voice is muffled.  THE SPEAKERS DON’T WORK; WHY WOULD THEY???!  People on my train laugh;  the kind of laugh that happens when you’ve lost your mind.  Because we have.

Now, the worst happens… I lose cell phone service.  No more Instagram stories, tweets and texts.  This is it, I think, this is my home now.  I live here.  I’m never getting out.

11:00 am.

Just as I begin to accept my fate that I somehow died and am now living my personal hell, we pull into Penn Station.  Three hours of commuting.  Two hours longer than normal.  I stand up and just see a bunch of faces: disgruntled, defeated.  We’ve been through battle together.  And now our (work) days were only just beginning.

I made it into work at 11:20ish; a bruised and battered commuter, and as soon as I turned the corner into my desk area, I saw about ten concerned faces look up at me.  I make a VERY SERIOUS announcement.  

“I need ten minutes before I can talk to anyone.”

And whatddya know, they listened.  

So, not the greatest start to my day, but I survived.  And to those who followed along on my little nightmare journey this morning, you’re the real MVPs.  That couldn’t have been easy to witness.

So, tell me: any fellow commuters out there?  Got any nightmare stories for me?


so nike sb uploaded Chronicles 3 to their youtube channel earlier and took it down almost immediately - it wasn’t as polished or well-rounded a video as i expected from jason hernandez but still a great one. ck1 is still on his tropical vacation, trevor colden [autocorrects to golden] skated to “hustler musik” (ABD?), BA omar and blake carpenter had a cool shared part - omar stacked more pre-injury footage than he let on, BA’s style keeps getting better, and blake did some truly unthinkable enders down oceanside hubba. lance mountain absolutely killed it, usual pool ruling with great street footage (really!) koston had a part i guess, kevin bradley and karsten kleppan were definitely the standouts - i need to watch both parts a few more times but i can say for sure that nyc ollie-over rail everyone skates into the basketball court can finally be put to rest. im sure the video will be back online eventually, here’s some screenshots from the credits