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The Sixth Avenue El Comes Down

In 1939, Manhattan decided it was ready to move on from its elevated trains, and workers began dismantling the mighty Sixth Avenue Line. These images, among thousands compiled by Norvin H. Green, document the landmark changes in New York City’s rail infrastructure.

Norvin H. Green collection of elevated railroad photographs. 6th Avenue El Manhattan. 1939. New-York Historical Society


010869 27 35B

TWA Terminal at JFK
New York City, January 1969

Photograph by Nick DeWolf


Uber drivers in NYC are railing against the latest cuts

Hundreds of drivers were screaming at Uber’s NYC headquarters on Monday morning. They said Uber was “killing” drivers by slashing prices, that what Uber was doing was like “slavery.” One sign said that the “the gig economy = working class depression.” Uber has an explanation why cutting prices is good for everyone, but drivers aren’t buying it.

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so nike sb uploaded Chronicles 3 to their youtube channel earlier and took it down almost immediately - it wasn’t as polished or well-rounded a video as i expected from jason hernandez but still a great one. ck1 is still on his tropical vacation, trevor colden [autocorrects to golden] skated to “hustler musik” (ABD?), BA omar and blake carpenter had a cool shared part - omar stacked more pre-injury footage than he let on, BA’s style keeps getting better, and blake did some truly unthinkable enders down oceanside hubba. lance mountain absolutely killed it, usual pool ruling with great street footage (really!) koston had a part i guess, kevin bradley and karsten kleppan were definitely the standouts - i need to watch both parts a few more times but i can say for sure that nyc ollie-over rail everyone skates into the basketball court can finally be put to rest. im sure the video will be back online eventually, here’s some screenshots from the credits