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On August 9, 1757, Elizabeth Hamilton, sometimes called “Eliza” or “Betsey,” was born. She  was co-founder and deputy director of the first private orphanage in New York City. She was the wife of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. 

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Todd really likes Hot Pockets. He lives in NYC, very close to my bff. One summer I visited her around his birthday. I purchased some Hot Pockets as a gift. My friend wanted to stop at a biergarten (?? type place??) on our way home so I could meet some of her friends. The bouncer guy at the door asked me what was in my bags, and when I replied “Hot Pockets,” shook his head at me. After I’d met my friend’s friends, as we were leaving, he shouted, “hey you!” and I was like 0.0 and he said, “enjoy those Hot Pockets!”

And Todd laughed when I gave them to him. The End! 8D

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craziest thing you have ever done?

I thought about this for like 5 minutes and honestly I think it’s the time that mark and I got fingered at the same time on his birthday in the middle of nyc by a random guy who stopped us while we were walking around literally drunk of our asses and asked if he could draw mark

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Everyone watch the youtube video called : Ensemble ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE John Lennon's 75th Birthday Concert 12-5-15, MSG, NYC. Watch Brandon. His body language, how polite he is, its a bit messy and hes literally looking around to see who is singing next. Hes so ready to sing the whole thing. He also looks delighted to be next to Tom Morello. I think it might be my favourite video at the moment. He also has one of most genuine smiles Ive ever seen.

Thank you for the hint! :)

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oh man I do not have time to revisit that emotional roller coaster that is Ryan’s 21st birthday but let me try to summarize

SO Pete threw Ryan a 21st bday party at his club in NYC but Brendon was too young and couldn’t go so he was in Seattle and Ryan was in NYC just ya know partying with everyone and keltie, his girlfriend at the time, but when she and he went to bed he left and got on the red-eye for Seattle AND WE KNOW THIS BECAUSE there is a picture of Ryan and keltie at the party and then later a picture of Brendon and Ryan with a fan in Seattle and Ryan is wearing the same outfit and hair and just???? ryden is real???? Ryan wanted to be with Brendon on his birthday???? pain???

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Hello, what is the mystery regarding josh's recent trip? If you compare the number of journey hours including re-routing from NY to LA, when started from GA does not make sense at all and also to spend a day or two there.

Josh’s travels are always funky, and it’s because what seems to happen isn’t. 

Last October, Josh allegedly went to Mordor for a week for his birthday, yet he was seen arriving in NYC with his mom on a flight from LA that same week.  So we are suppose to believe he flew from LA to Spain to LA to NYC within the same week. 

Last December Josh filmed Franco’s new movie in LA on a Monday, flew to NYC on the red eye Tuesday for Charity Day, back to LA on Wednesday, filmed in LA on Thursday and then went to Spain on Friday. 

And now we have Josh “taking” connecting flights from LA to Atlanta to Spain on Friday only to be seen flying out of NYC on Monday, voting in LA on Tuesday, and back to Atlanta on Wednesday. 

Is Josh this poor a planner?  I recognize that Josh is used to traveling more than the average person but this flying west to east to west to east is just ludicrous.  No way is this an accurate representation of what’s happening.  Throw in random sightings of Josh that contradict Spain “visits”, and it’s not hard to conclude what’s going on. 

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He was tagged @NAsomugha yesterday by sports folk on twitter. He was in NYC last night meaning he was not with his pal Ker on her birthday eve. I assume he’s staying in NYC through the Super Bowl leaving our girl lots of time with hubby to celebrate

P.S. that account doesn’t follow her or anything/anyone Scandal related.

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