nyc kid

Manhattan From The Sky

rating: explicit

words:  47343 (seven chapters)

pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles

tags: CEO Harry, assistant Louis, kid fic, American AU


Harry’s been raised to know that successful men do not fall in love. Louis believes that love is all you need to be successful in life. They meet.

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Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe photographed by Norman Seeff, 1969.   

“We wanted, it seemed, what we already had, a lover and a friend to create with, side by side. To be loyal, yet be free.”- Patti Smith

In her memoir Just Kids, Patti Smith details her intense relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe in which they struggle to become artists in New York City. They lived together at the Hotel Chelsea – home to numerous writers, musicians, actors and artists. Patti supported Robert by working in bookstores, he soon flourished as a photographer and encouraged her to pursue visual art. As a writer, Patti eventually turned her poems into songwriting. For the cover of her debut album, Horses (1975), Patti used a portrait Robert took. Once Robert came out as a gay man their intimate relationship ended but they remained friends until his death from HIV/AIDS in 1989.




Twin Skeletons (Hotel in NYC) - Fall Out Boy

yeah, thought i’d share these old things before ab/ap era ends. (a lil messed up because i didn’t really know the lyrics and i can’t take pics really well. also, lined paper)


burning money at the soho grand hotel, 2016

back in november my best friends and i snuck into an “exclusive” party at the soho grand hotel in new york city, met a bunch of cool industry people, drank rosé and got dosed with adderall by a very pretty artist, burned money and danced around the fire, stole a couple of bottles of wine, met a very sweet victoria’s secret model and later saw her fall and crack her head on the sidewalk (i have the photos, but i won’t post or tell you who out of respect), played the piano before we got kicked out, ran around chinatown, stuffed 8 people in a car and drove to crown heights to hang out at a big drug dealer’s house (another friends, of course), and talked about our dreams while we watched the sun rise as we went home. i slept for all of 30 minutes before i had to meet up and shoot for a clothing brand all day.

this is just one story from one of many, many nights. these nights happen so often that i forget that this isn’t something that happens to regular people. god, i’m so fucking lucky to have such amazing friends


Manhattan Sunday, Richard Renaldi

“The city takes a while to wake up, and the first people you see at the break of day are the night-clubbers, street cleaners, and prostitutes.”

Photographer Richard Renaldi’s, a former night-clubber who has lived in New York since 1986, ongoing series “Manhattan Sunday” captures the way the city feels after painting the town red all night.