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AU - The Legends girls as city roommates with 0 direction and too many cropped shirts (multi/poly)

Kendra- barista, has yet to hit caffeine threshold, everyone falls in love with her, has like 3 boyfriends and a sara and really doesn’t give a flip. sings and plays the guitar and should probably try to do something with it but whatever

Sara- teaches karate to kids and competes on the weekends, sleeps in kendra’s bed more than she sleeps in her own, once met sebastian stan in a starbucks and stole his drink from the bar, is no longer allowed on the roof for obvious reasons

Amaya- the new girl who brought her cat, fat pumpkin, instagram model, really too classy for this mess, lies to her mom on the phone about her roommates, can’t tell kendra’s white boyfriends apart, borrows clothes but always washes and returns them, regrets joining the groupchat

in brooklyn, you have never loved me and i have never loved to be ruined. coffee tastes like asphalt but never like blood. red only makes me think of sunrise. here, there is a girl that looks like i might have looked if you had never touched me. or maybe there isn’t. maybe there is just a friday night where i don’t worry about you driving drunk off a bridge or driving drunk in through my bedroom wall and wanting wanting wanting. maybe i go dancing instead. maybe i fall asleep in a bed you have never slept in. maybe there is no dent left in the mattress.
—  CITIES pt. 1 // s.o.