nyc fashion week

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Don't worry about it kendall is in nyc for fashion week. She's attending all 4 fashion weeks so she won't be with harry for SO LONG if they're still seeing each other LOL BLESS. Also I don't think he would attend superbowl, he looks like the type to drop sports as soon as the team he roots for is disqualified, and the packers aren't on the final. Though he might go to see if he can hump on chris martin's leg before the show to wish him luck.

thats true… … . that lAST PART SOGHLRISUGH

“Surround yourself with the greatest girls. I learn from my friends, I grow from them, they encourage me. I want the friends that will call me out. Any situation you’re in, if you’re with the right group of people, that’s all that matters.” - Selena Gomez