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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Gene Kornman (1953) /                         Marilyn Monroe photographed by a fan in NYC (1955)                                  

One of the most iconic faces of pop culture knew precise makeup techniques: Quoting Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist, Allan Whitey Snyder: “Marilyn had makeup tricks that no one had or knew. Most of them she didn’t learn from me. She discovered it herself”. In fact, Marilyn did her own makeup for many occasions. Photographer Sam Shaw talked about one day while she was getting ready. “I asked her: ‘Marilyn, don’t you think that this makeup is a little too much?.’ 'Sam, you don’t understand’, she answered: ’This make-up is for my fans, those people waiting inside the movie houses, or outside on the street waiting in the crowd at an opening. They are the people the studios won’t let close to the theatre unless they pay to get in. When I arrive there I’ll turn to wave to them and they’ll see me and won’t be disappointed. My fans want me to be glamorous. I won’t disappoint them.’                                                                                                          

Skin: Marilyn liked her skin with a flawless finish, but yet glowy - you note in many picures that her cheeks, tip of the nose, and under brow area are glowing, she liked the effect that it gave, especially with the studio lights

Eyes: Marilyn expanded her eye crease by overdrawing it with brown eyeshadow. Her eyeliner was not too thin or huge, and it always gave the classic cat eye effect. She also drawn with brown pencil a line in the under eye area to fake a 'shadow’. She prefered individual fake lashes, applying them in a way to maintain the shape that she wanted for the eyes. She also arched her brows with eyebrow pencil.

Lips: By far, the most iconic part of Marilyn’s makeup are her lips. As you can see in her makeup free pictures, they were by far not as plump as they appeared to be. Marilyn always overdrawn her lips, (so did almost all the other female stars on that time period), but she had a especial trick - Marilyn used at least 4 different colors of red lipstick to create a 3D effect; the lighter shades on the center of her lips, and the darker ones on the edges. She applied vaseline to finalize the glossy and plump effect. Her beauty mark was not fake, in fact, you can slightly see it in the makeup free picture - but it’s not as noticeable because it was almost the same color of her skin, so she enhanced it with makeup.  

“One can never wakeup in the morning, wash the face and look like Marilyn Monroe. She knew every trick on the book to compose her look” Photographer (and Marilyn’s friend) Milton Greene


I thought I should finally submit the story between these two pics. Last year I was lucky enough to go to NYC to see EXO and was even more lucky to bump into Sehun, Suho and D.O on the streets on time square. This time around, I went back to NYC for the exo'rdium concert! The concert was amazing as always and it was so good to see EXO live again!

Now to how I met Oh Sehun, my bias again :’)
We discovered on the day of the concert that our airbnb was actually right across from the hotel EXO was staying in NYC. The day after the concert, my friend and I went to Starbucks for coffee in the morning. While we were at Starbucks, my friend realized that Sehun and his manager had just walked out of their hotel and we’re off walking. I was in complete shock because SEHUN!!! so my friend encouraged me to go after him and ask for a photo or autograph. At first I was very reluctant because I was really intimidated and shy but I realized another girl had just went up to him to ask for a selfie so I thought, why not?

So I went up to him and I quietly called out his name and he turned towards me and I asked for the 1st selfie and he said “Yeah sure come” and we took the photo and I thanked him and he did the same and I went back towards my friend. I was practically in tears right after and I told her what happened and she also wanted a selfie so we went back towards Starbucks where Sehun and his manager were at ordering coffee.

So this time my friend goes up to Sehun and asks for a photo and he says ok and I’m on the side just watching with a big smile on my face. As they finish taking their photo I’m still looking at Sehun with the biggest smile ever and he looks back towards me and smiles also. I don’t know what possessed me but I went up to him again and asked for another photo while giggling. Sehun started giggling also and was like “come come” and touched my hand and pulled me to his side and we took the 2nd photo ( MIND YOU I LOOKED LIKE SHIT THAT DAY CAUSE NYC WEATHER WAS DISGUSTING) but we took the photo and I look up at him and he’s smiling down at me and he thanks me and I say thank you back and my friend was talking to the manager because he was asking where we were from and my friend said we came from Canada and Sehun had overheard and was like “oh Canada?! Woah!” and I was like yeah we come from Quebec and the manager was like “oh french!” and all four of us started laughing and then we all said thank you to each other and our goodbyes and wished Sehun and his manager a safe flight to Mexico. We left Starbucks after that and just fangirled of course but we got to also see the rest of EXO (accept for Suho and Chen) as they were leaving their hotel.

That’s my 2nd EXO experience for you!
From: Ruth 😊

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June 12, 2017