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Fragmentary colossal marble head of a youth
Greek, Hellenistic period, 2nd century B.C.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Although this extraordinary head has long been known, its function and importance have only recently been understood.  The youth, with long curling locks and a brooding expression, was originally part of a draped bust set into a marble roundel almost four feet in diameter.  It is probably among the earliest known sculptures of this type (imagines clipeatae) in marble and over life-size in scale.  It would have been one of several that adorned the walls of a particular grand space in the gymnasium of ancient Pergamon.  He may represent a young god or possibly Alexander the Great.  Even in its damaged condition, the head exemplifies the combination of sensitivity and presence characteristic of the finest Hellenistic Pergamene sculpture.


Ai Weiwei’s fences take on borders and belonging in NYC exhibit

The exhibit, which spans the five boroughs, opens to the public on October 12 and is comprised of more than 300 pieces. Like the Robert Frost poem it references, the show examines the tension and contradictions surrounding borders and those excluded by them, inspired by Ai’s concerns about the global refugee crisis and related geopolitical conflicts. Many of the city sites selected by Ai, once a New York immigrant himself, also have close ties to histories of immigration, protest, and free speech.

Title: “Egg blue skies, emerging change”
From “butterfly series 7/ultra” part of my upcoming exhibit with Lamborghini, manhattan motorcars, NYC, Nov 16th. 2016 to benefit Ovarian cancer research fund. Photo by David Stesner. Copyright 2016.


P1730079 by archaeologist_d
Via Flickr:
Outlander costumes, Saks 5th Avenue display, 2016