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Mr. B Date (Rated Disgusting)

We went to Campbells NYC an old-fashioned cocktail bar. I came there dress to the nines, and the host was giving me shade. I caught it because she asked me if I knew where I was. Yes, beech I know now give me your menu and be gone. I respect servers and host but don’t give me that I don’t belong here bulls**t because I’m black. I’ll throw my degrees in your face. 

R.I.P. to my phone and my patience yesterday. Mr. B and I started talking about his experience as a SD. He told me about his BDSM experience and his orgies. I was amazed women did this for less than $1,000 a month. Having sex with one senior citizen is my limit lmao. Mr. B loved my outfit and my legs. I was inclined to figure out why he was not concerned about my phone? If something happens to me when I’m with you, you were the last person I spoke to. Rich people don’t think as much as you would think. 

We took a Uber to Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse. Have you ever tried to fake a mood but you yourself couldn’t believe it? That was me. I didn’t feel right, I was getting tired. 

We went back to Club Quarters and I gave him oral. I’m starting to realize men pull me away during oral because they are going to release early. Its beyond annoying. If I can make you nut without the disgusting sex, it would make me so happy. Everytime he makes out with me he slams his face onto mine and smears it.  He rubs his lips onto my forehead and it feels disgusting. One would assume having sex with a Sugar Daddy would become easier, but older men are affectionate and crave the closeness of female. 

He went on top of me and started slamming his p*nis in my mouth. I acted like I was choking and he stopped. If you feel irritated and uncomfortable from reading this, imagine how I felt. White men have this thing with asking stupid questions during sex. Can I put it inside of you? F**KING DO IT SO I CAN GO HOME! He couldn’t get erect and I felt like this was starting to become a nightmare. 

I’m doing everything and anything to make him hard but as soon as he puts the condom on, he is soft. He takes his fingers starts rubbing my vagina lip, not my clit, my vagina lip. I’m 100% their wives are cheating on them too. There is no way you can married for 25 years and you can’t find the clit, hole, or eat the box. I felt like cheating on him then and I’m not married to him. 

Your d**k is not getting hard because you are hyping yourself up. I’m getting you hard and you constantly jump up to get a condom and push me down and then you get soft. CALM DOWN! He took a break and asked me about my last arrangement. Isn’t it funny when men blame their “mishaps” on women?  

After 30 minutes of him demanding me to get on top and on bottom and him apologizing for his mishap…I asked to go home. I demanded an UBER  and as I went into the car I fell asleep. 

I went home and I took a long shower. I felt like a piece a s**t. I washed myself 3 times. In the sugar life, no matter how much money you get paid, the reality of your situation will hit you randomly. I was tired from the beginning of the date but I didn’t want to leave because the arrangement is twice a month and he reserves everything beforehand. 


Skip the Margarita: 5 Off-Menu Tequila Drinks

Tequila’s popularity shows no sign of slowing. Inspired by National Tequila Day, DeLeón Tequila has worked with star bartenders in New York, LA and Miami to create secret off-menu cocktails that highlight DeLeón Platinum, a handcrafted Blanco with a smooth fruity palate. Insiders can ask for them from coast-to-coast, or make them for friends at home.


Bar Tabs

It’s the weekend, so here’s a collection of some of the “Bar Tabs” pieces I’ve done for the New Yorker over the past year! They each accompanied a short review featuring an interesting place to have a drink in the city. From top to bottom: The Happiest Hour, 67 Orange Street, Loosie Rouge, Kilo Bravo, Standings, Sunrise Sunset, Threes, Tropical 128, The Duck, and Stay Classy New York. Thanks as always to my AD Deanna Donegan, and the New Yorker!

Now go out and have a delicious cocktail! It’s Saturday!

Behind the Scenes of Riverhead: Meet Danya Kukafka!

It’s time for another BEHIND-THE-SCENES at Riverhead Books! We love introducing you to our amazing staff who do so much hard work here to get our books into the world. Today we introduce you to Danya Kukafka, an Assistant Editor who is not only an incredibly warm, lovely colleague and a brilliant editor, she is also a talented writer herself. Her debut novel Girl in Snow comes this August from Simon & Schuster. It’s an addictive, page-turning thriller about the mysterious murder of a small town golden girl; Girl in Snow already being called “suspenseful and electrifying”! Yay Danya!

Meantime, we sat down with Danya and asked her to share more of her personal story.

Where did you go to college/what was your major?

I went to New York University, where I studied fiction writing.

How did you get started in book publishing?

I started reading for a literary agency (The Book Group) while I was still in school. They would give me a manuscript every week, and I’d write a report then come in for a discussion. They always provided cookies and coffee— I knew right away that publishing was the place for me.  

What are some interesting things you do as part of your job?

I love reading manuscripts before they become books, of course, but there are so many things that make being an editor at Riverhead so special. Between designing cocktails with NYC restaurants to match our books (check out the #RiverheadBar), attending screenings of major motion pictures (The Girl on the Train, anyone?) and crash-reading next year’s big book in the middle of the night, I also get to have wonderful interactions with authors I deeply admire. The most interesting aspect for me is talking to authors about the shape of their books before they’re fully formed, and helping them mold their stories into fully realized universes.

What do you look for when looking at manuscripts on submission?

I look for books that absorb me completely—that take me so far into new worlds that I forget where I am. I look for stories that have a reason to exist, an underlying fundamental purpose that screams out from the page, and says something specific and unique and affecting to the reader. This isn’t always obvious, usually more of a feeling than a strategy, and I’m still learning the art. But I think there’s an electricity to a good book, and as an editor it’s hard to find— when we do find it, it takes us over entirely and that’s the most exciting moment.

Any favorite highlight of working at Riverhead so far?

Cooking French food with Meg Wolitzer and Lauren Groff for Riverhead Table! It was a day filled with champagne and lovely company. A guitar and a Joni Mitchell songbook even made an appearance.