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Bars Go Big In Luxury Homes

In Los Angeles, bars are getting big. High-end real estate agents are frequently seeing hulking cocktail bars large enough for bellying up. Some brokers in New York are also noticing an uptick and Manhattan owners are adding them on their own.


Bar Tabs

It’s the weekend, so here’s a collection of some of the “Bar Tabs” pieces I’ve done for the New Yorker over the past year! They each accompanied a short review featuring an interesting place to have a drink in the city. From top to bottom: The Happiest Hour, 67 Orange Street, Loosie Rouge, Kilo Bravo, Standings, Sunrise Sunset, Threes, Tropical 128, The Duck, and Stay Classy New York. Thanks as always to my AD Deanna Donegan, and the New Yorker!

Now go out and have a delicious cocktail! It’s Saturday!


Skip the Margarita: 5 Off-Menu Tequila Drinks

Tequila’s popularity shows no sign of slowing. Inspired by National Tequila Day, DeLeón Tequila has worked with star bartenders in New York, LA and Miami to create secret off-menu cocktails that highlight DeLeón Platinum, a handcrafted Blanco with a smooth fruity palate. Insiders can ask for them from coast-to-coast, or make them for friends at home.


Yearly Backpacks

You know how swiss army knives are super dope bc they’re the perfect tool for all occasions? Thats exactly what Virigina’s is. It’s the perfect resto for anything. Proposal? Yea. Chill drink in a heatwave? Ya. CUTTLEFISH??? YE. It’s perfect in a super lit cool way, like when swiss army was considered a fire brand. I remember when my mom would take me to shop at the store in Soho and I’d get all this rad gear. I looked really safari ready tho with waterproof blazers and ripstop backpacks; I even had a watch with a flashlight on it. You’d never think i was shopping for 6th grade, but I didn’t mind dripping in over a G of v technical gear. They had this dope lifetime guarantee on shit too, so every year I’d break a zipper on my bag to get the newest version of that backpack. That’s some very Life Hack Style Living℠. TWEET IT.  


Tip: very cozy vibes here. If you’re a baller get the moon shaped table in the second room by the window. Capone status

Tip: drinks are 10 alarm fire refreshing especially the sunny girl

Tip: they have fire specials here.

Tip: gnocchi is dope.

Pricing: gnocchi ($18), seared cuttle fish ($14), sunny girl ($9)

When to come here: date, chill east village vibe with culinary realness, dinner with parents if they’re cool, intimate dinners.

Where: 647 e 11 street New York

Monday-Thursday 6pm-11pm
Friday/Saturday 6pm-midnight
Sunday Closed

Phn: (212) 658-0182