nyc boardwalks

In the topaz ocean seagulls float
looking like they should be holding drinks.
The sand is your pillow, your heartbeat is mine.
Crowds of people
and crowds of raindrop-shaped pigeons surround us.
The water is so cold, its blue almost uninterrupted
with bodies and their noise.
The salt so strong on the tongue.
What’s wrong with pleasure? Screams
echo from the roller coaster rides, but no–
I mean pleasure that’s easily missed, pleasure like the word
smaragdine, meaning, emerald-green like the tips of the tide.

I’m ba~aaack! Wait what did you say about a fair fight?

Honey I’m home!

Eh well. I’m still suffering from a major jet lag actually. I wake up at 4 in the night, every night. 

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Sooooo! I spent the last 3 weeks abroad in the United States of America and boy what a nice little culture shock that place always is.

Different people, slightly different customs, insanely high living costs, road rage all day every day, people angry at the government 24/7….

But also, friendly people, beaches, birthday cake ice cream (!?), NYC, Atlantic City, boardwalks and of course the 4th of July (it was a fun birthday indeed).

Anyways, I had a blast and even though my tummy is still angry at me because of the food that is considered regular there, I’m happy to be hitting the dojo tomorrow.

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I met a lot of fun new people, and actually two who were both fighters. One was this adorable teddy bear Terrence who had done MMA for 6 years. I could still see it when he chased one of my friends and went for the take down, but his reaction time had gone slow. He even said it himself: ‘yo girl, I ain’t standing a chance against yo’ booty.’


Like I said, culture shock and different people. Absolutely loved it.

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But I also met a guy named John. He got excited when he noticed I was a martial artist (everyone was messing around at a party), and told me that he did boxing. He admitted that he just did it because it was a good work out and helped him stay fit. 

But that was after how quickly he realized he would be in biiiiig trouble if he were up against me. 

“Oh no no we don’t do gut shots”

“Wait, what? So, hold on, where am I supposed to hit you?”

“On the head! You know, where I keep my hands like this. Or maybe a low kick, we do those sometimes”

I was… disappointed. What kind of fighter are you if you can’t take anything else than exactly the only attack you’ve been trained to defend yourself against? I didn’t really follow up on it, since he obviously only did it for the sport of it. 

‘Cute, but useless.’ Is what I thought.

That might’ve been narrow minded on my end, but I did realize that without the actual self defense part of Karate, I would’ve been bored a long time ago. Boxing, is a sport to me. You are very restricted in what you can or can’t do. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be able to knock me out, oooh no I bet he could! But in terms of self defense, I think he wouldn’t have stood a chance.

So what about you budoblr? Do you do martial arts because it’s a good workout? 

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I freaking loved Bloodsport, crazy movie.

Or do you do it for…

Sketch 2

Fixed up, totally self-indulgent sketch. Since Frank isn’t in Boardwalk Empire and I know nothing about their relationship, I’ll just pretend Frank carrying baby!Meyer away from a fight is something that totally happened…

Enjoy it while you can Frank, you’ll have to set him down eventually. It feels too weird to tag fanart with their names since they were real people, would it be weird?


Had a great day today! Went to Coney Island boardwalk and took some really nice pictures. Next I ventured off to 42nd Street - Bryant Park for Kinokuniya and its BEAUTIFUL stationary. Treated myself to my favorite Stabilo pens and some new midliners and I practiced my handwriting!

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