nyc boardwalks

In the topaz ocean seagulls float
looking like they should be holding drinks.
The sand is your pillow, your heartbeat is mine.
Crowds of people
and crowds of raindrop-shaped pigeons surround us.
The water is so cold, its blue almost uninterrupted
with bodies and their noise.
The salt so strong on the tongue.
What’s wrong with pleasure? Screams
echo from the roller coaster rides, but no–
I mean pleasure that’s easily missed, pleasure like the word
smaragdine, meaning, emerald-green like the tips of the tide.


Had a great day today! Went to Coney Island boardwalk and took some really nice pictures. Next I ventured off to 42nd Street - Bryant Park for Kinokuniya and its BEAUTIFUL stationary. Treated myself to my favorite Stabilo pens and some new midliners and I practiced my handwriting!

Listening to Back Again - KNK