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Waiting On The Dream, Juan Madrid

Waiting On The Dream by NYC-based photographer Juan Madrid is a rumination on the mythology of the post-industrial city in the United States. With Flint, Michigan acting as the backdrop, a critical eye is turned toward the social and cultural landscape of the country and the history that binds it.


Over the course of the week we’ll introduce the talented people who will be visiting our tee factory and dye house in Los Angeles.

Alice Gao is an NYC-based lifestyle and food photographer with a penchant for a good cup of coffee. She’s also one of our earliest supporters and we’re very excited to have her on board.

Follow along our adventure here on Friday.


BautistaNY.  Ron Anthony Bautista.

Like yesterday we begin strong, but unlike our first chosen artist yesterday Wrd didn’t find them, today they just happened across Wrd via the like button. So after looking at this mysterious BautistaNY ‘s Tumblr page, Wrd discovered not only was Ron Anthony Bautista pure of heart but this NYC based Photographer is also pure of Art. (sorry).

Above Wrd has selected some of its favourite images. Each intensely captures aspects of not only city living but of the true grit of it all, the triumph through cooperation and the loneliness we feel surrounded by other people. It really is jaw dropping and you should take the time to pour over more of his work with the links below.

Time thanks,


I’m a 22 year old, mostly self taught, NYC based photographer. 

I started with digital photography and worked my way backwards to fall in love with film.

My work includes but is not limited to street and architecture photography. Check out my work in the link below to find out more.

MATTE Magazine Presents: Molly Matalon

MATTE magazine is a photography journal I started in 2010 as way to shed light on good work by emerging photographers. Each issue features the work of one artist, and I shoot a portrait of him or her for the issue’s cover. Of the 20 issues I have published to date, ten have been collected by the Museum of Modern Art library, and six were included in the 2013 Triennial exhibition at the International Center of Photography. As the new photo editor of VICE, I’m excited to share my discoveries with a wider audience. 

External image

Issue 21 of MATTE features NYC-based photographer Molly Matalon’s photographs of her mother. Molly is from South Florida, a place where moms drive around in sports cars eating bagels with the inside scooped out. Sometimes, they are in better shape than their daughters. For Molly and her mom, the interaction between photographer and subject has become indistinguishable from the relationship between daughter and mother. Always a willing subject, Molly’s mom presents herself to the camera without a trace of hesitation. This is a woman who went to Disney World with two black eyes immediately after having her eyelids lifted. Over the course of our collaboration on this issue of MATTE, I’ve gained insight into this unique relationship through Molly’s photographs, as well as by talking to Molly herself. 

MATTE: When did you start photographing your mom?
Molly Matalon: I started photographing her in a serious way around 2011.

How does she feel about being photographed?
For the most part my mom loves being photographed. She loves being center stage even if it’s just for a brief moment. Sometimes she gets frustrated because, when I see something that would make a good photo, I’ll tell her to hold onto what she’s doing so I can make a picture of it. By the time I have my camera set up, she’s like, “Come on, Molly!” Maybe everyone thinks that when getting a picture taken, but my mom is the woman who always says something. Her personality is just how it looks in the pictures. 

How do you feel about photographing her?
I feel pretty good about it. It’s been a way for me to discuss a more broad set of ideas using a vey personal subject. The work is very much about the present day, what mothers look like in 2014, how they act, and how they are perceived by society.


My name is Antonio Andrés and I’m A NYC based photographer. I recently visited my hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico and got to see how it’s changed in two years. Even though everything seems the same, after living in the “image porn city” for two years, some cross streets seemed redefined, even more when theres a big red firetruck passing by! I guess that’s what the big city does to you. 

I hope you enjoy my photographs.

SID’s Tumblr Pick of the Week: PATTI FOG

This week I chose NYC based (for now) photographer Patti Fog. I love Patti’s work because she captures people at just the right moment in the most absolute, perfectly real light. 

Check out more of Patti’s work right here: