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Hey, you guys are amazing, I loooove you, really!!! :D Do you know any fic where Hermione interview Draco for some reason? For a paper or something. Thank you! 😘

Hello! Let’s see we have this one. 

How Did You Know You Were In Love? by ashleyfanfic- K, one shot

Hermione is working on an article for Witch Weekly in which she enlists her friends help.

Anyone else know of one?

- Wynken

Edit: Thank you, breemaggs!

Greener Pastures by MiHnn- M, One shot

Bored with Ministry work, Hermione takes up the post as Sports Reporter for the Daily Prophet, much to Harry and Ron’s amusement. Her first assignment is far from easy. (Draco x Hermione)

- Wynken

I was looking for a simple answer, the sort we give to children, you know. And I kept thinking that we were all children once, maybe I could return. That’s what echoed in my head. Go back to being a child. Spring along the strand there. Up past the tower. Run along the wall. I wanted that sort of joy. Make it simple again.
—  Let the Great World Spin - Colum McCann
And I kissed her. And she kissed me back. I mean, how many men can say they’d rather be nowhere else in the world? That’s how I felt. That moment. That I wanted nothing but the here and now, and nowhere else. On earth as it is in heaven. That one moment.
—  Let the Great World Spin - Colum McCann

This past October, 250 third graders from Harlem and the South Bronx became Arty Readers!  Time In’s wildly inspired program combining Opera, Manga, Film, Creative Writing and Literature, Arty Readers, helped our kids’ minds take wing.  At PS 197 in Harlem, 100% of one of our 3rd grade classes passed the ELA for the first time, thanks to Arty Readers.

 In this video, Morrisania 3rd graders from PS63 were asked what was the most important thing you did this year at Time In?  

Listen to their fantastically moving answers and then be in touch to find out how you can help!

Teen Author Carnival 2015 — Author List

Teen Author Carnival 2015

Adam Silvera — More Happy Than Not
Adi Alsaid — Never Always Sometimes and Let’s Get Lost
Alexander London — Guardian and Proxy
Alexandra Bracken — The Darkest Minds, Never Fade, In The Afterlight
Anne Heltzel — Charlie, Presumed Dead
Claire Legrand —  Winterspell

Dhonielle Clayton — Tiny Pretty Things
Elizabeth Eulberg — We Can Work It Out
Jennifer E. Smith — The Geography of You and Me
Jennifer L. Armentrout — Stone Cold Touch
Jesse Andrews —  Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 

Katie McGarry — Nowhere But Here
Kody Keplinger — Lying Out Loud
Lance Rubin — Denton Little’s Death Date
Leila Sales — Tonight The Streets Are Ours and This Song Can Save Your Life
Marieke Nijkamp — This Is Where It Ends
Melissa Grey — The Girl at Midnight
Rebecca Serle — Famous In Love 

Sona Charaipotra — Tiny Pretty Things
Susan Dennard — Something Strange and Deadly
Tiffany Schmidt — Hold Me Like A Breath
Tommy Wallach — We All Looked Up
Virginia Boecker — The Witch Hunter

Today is my 20-year New Yorkiversary! I moved here for grad school with no money, no friends, no job. Only big dreams and plans to make them reality. Thank you NYC for 20 years of magical moments, like this super cute one with B.J. Novak.


“Just the fact that people from the Internet have left their house to come see us is incredible.”

@danisnotonfire and
@amazingphil get to meet their fans IRL in NYC! How many times have you read THE AMAZING BOOK IS NOT ON FIRE?

i just love how desperately Emma wants Hook to know she’s coming for him.

just as he has always come for her.

SB, NYC, EF…. Camelot

in the Author’s AU Emma told Henry “I knew you’d find me”. she was chained in that tower for what felt like years…but she knew her son would come for her. and because of that she had HOPE.

and she wants Hook to have that too. to know that he’s loved, to know that he’s got family, to know that people are coming for him. to have HOPE.

Emma wants Hook to know that the Charming Family Motto applies to him too.

because she knows that one can endure any kind of suffering if their loved ones are coming for them. and she IS coming for him. she just wants him to have something to cling to until she gets there.