nyc alley

Themis by Jess Schultz

Part 3 of my Crystal Goddesses series. These three will be sold as postcard prints at Special Edition: NYC (first artist alley, woo!).

Here we have Garnet as Themis, goddess of foresight and justice. Hers was second easiest to come up with, and I knew right away I wanted to do a kind of “justice is blind” thingy. There were so many squares in this thing. So many squares.

So all three are now complete! Being a bit pressed for time, I could only do the three gems. Maybe in the future I will have Rose Quartz as Aphrodite and Steven as Eros. We shall see~

Pearl as Athena

Amethyst as Persephone


Gun Post Lanes
1215 East Gun Hill Road, Bronx, NY 10469

“As any Bronx action bowler from those days could tell you, Central never had anything even close to the action at Gun Post. It was only when Gun Post was raided by the cops that the action moved to Central, and even then it never quite had the kind of unbelievable action that there used to be at Gun Post.”  Kenny Goodman

“Gun Post in the sixties was the greatest action house anywhere ever. Non-stop action, all night long, all the top bowlers, they came from everywhere to bowl, watch, and bet. I’ve never seen anything like it since.” Bronx old timer