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Title: “Egg blue skies, emerging change”
From “butterfly series 7/ultra” part of my upcoming exhibit with Lamborghini, manhattan motorcars, NYC, Nov 16th. 2016 to benefit Ovarian cancer research fund. Photo by David Stesner. Copyright 2016.


So I went to a Yuri on Ice-themed pop up cafe yesterday run by Cos Cafe NYC yesterday afternoon. The tickets went on sale about a month ago and unsurprisingly sold out at lightning speed (I think in less than 20 minutes). While I was initially unsure about going all in my lonesome (the friend who I invited to go with me had traveling plans and couldn’t make it womp womp), I’m really glad that I still went in the end! The ticket price was $25 but I thought it was a pretty good deal since it came with: event admission, a themed dessert plate, coffee or tea, automatic entry into a fan raffle, and a postcard from our exclusive, postcard set made by the artist staff. The cafe was set up in different time blocks that lasted an hour each, and I went during the third time block in the afternoon. 

The venue, which I’ve been to before, was Hanamizuki Cafe in midtown. Conveniently the cafe is closed on Sundays, so I assumed the event organizers must have rented out the cafe for the afternoon. The organizers, Kou and Akiran, also emphasized wanted to create more of an intimate environment with the cosplay staff and guests, so each block only had 20 people at max, or four people at five separate tables. I sat at a table with a couple and another person who came alone. The Makkachin placemat was literally the cutest thing ever. One of the event artists came to each table and drew a quick requested doddle for every single person at the event which I thought was super sweet and thoughtful. After a few minutes, I got my themed dessert plate which we had to choose before the event. 

I had ordered the ‘Eros’ dessert which was a cookies-and-cream themed parfait, with creamy custard and crunchy cereal, topped with oreos, mochi, pocky, and topped off with a golden ring cookie. It was amazinggg, just divine. Like I was ready to burst into tears hahaha. I half-wondered if they hired a professional pastry chef or something because it was literally that good. The two other desserts were an ‘Agape’ one which was basically like the strawberry-flavored version of the dessert parfait with bananas, white pearls, and custard instead of chocolate, and the ‘Makkachin’ dessert, which was a chocolat parfait with crispy wafers, chocolate chips, custard, coffee sauce, and topped with a crunchy “dog bone” shortbread cookie. Each dessert plate also came with a side order of madeline cookies, and the choice between coffee or tea. 

The hour time block was set up in a round-robin fashion where the various event cosplayers would rotate and interact at each table. For most, we played like a head’s up version of YOI trivia which was super fun, but towards the end of the hour, there was the fan raffle winner who was picked (which was actually me! lol) followed by a group activity. For the group activity, basically at each table, there was a silver ring on one of the placemats and the person with the ring was then given the opportunity to make a request for the cosplayers. I was also the one with the ring and everyone screeched when they saw I had the ring (I dunno how but sometimes I have incredible luck winning things lol). Feeling a little bad, I gave the ring to the girl sitting next to me who used the single request to ask the Victor cosplayer to fake propose to her lolol. A girl at another table requested the Victor cosplayer and the Yuri K. to kabedon her which was absolutely priceless lmaooo. But my favorite single request that I witnessed was probably when a girl at another table put a cat ears hairband on the Yuri P. cosplayer pfft. Each table could also make a group request and I somehow convinced my table to have the two Yuri cosplayers (Yuri K. and Yuri P.) arm wrestle each other lmaooo. (Yuri K. won lol) 

The hour finished a lot sooner than I expected and I had to practically stuff the rest of my madelines before I left whoops. There was also a fan merchandise area where you could buy stuff at the end of the hour and I might have gotten a little overboard with getting merchandise (my favorite was probably the Makkachin crepe acrylic charm that I bought which was just adorable!) in addition to winning the fan raffle. What I won was a really nice prize pack which included the entire postcard set, a sticker set, two posters, three keychains, and what I think was a fanzine of some kind. It was my first time going to any of Cos Cafe NYC’s pop up cafes which I wholeheartedly recommend. I had a great time, it was super fun, and the organizers are definitely pros at what they do - I know they’re a fan-based group and the entire staff is run of volunteers which made this all even more impressive to me. So, I’ll definitely be on the lookout if they have any more themed pop-up cafes in the future.