NYPD Cop Wins $15M After Fellow Cops Falsely Arrested & Beat Him at His Daughter’s Birthday

After suing his fellow officers for savagely beating and falsely arresting him at his daughter’s birthday party, an NYPD cop was awarded $15 million by a federal jury on Wednesday. Although he identified himself as an officer, his colleagues viciously struck him with batons and fired pepper spray into his face before bothering to check the badge and ID in his pocket.

On August 22, 2010, NYPD Officer Larry Jackson was off-duty at his daughter’s birthday party in Queens when an unidentified man with a gun appeared in the street breaking a bottle. Although Jackson did not have his gun with him, the off-duty cop confronted the armed man and asked him to leave while Jackson’s wife called 911. As Jackson attempted to calm down the armed man, a crowd of roughly 15 to 20 men armed with bats and sticks began to approach them.

Instead of attacking Jackson or the armed man, the crowd immediately dispersed as a marked patrol car arrived in front of Jackson’s house. Even though Jackson’s wife told dispatchers that her husband was a cop and Jackson immediately identified himself as a fellow officer, the cops ignored him while trying to assess the situation. Hearing an argument from inside Jackson’s home, one of the officers suddenly ran into his house without a search warrant.

After striking one of Jackson’s friends with a police baton, the officer ordered Jackson to step back. Standing his ground, Jackson again identified himself as a cop and informed the officer that they were in his house. Instead of requesting to see Jackson’s police ID or badge, the officer slammed the baton against Jackson’s throat and shoved him into the living room.

While repeatedly punching Jackson in the face, the officer accidentally tripped over a cooler leftover from the birthday party. As Jackson attempted to help the officer up, another cop placed Jackson in a chokehold. Unable to speak, Jackson tried to pull his police ID out of his pocket but another officer restrained his hands.

Falling backwards, Jackson and the cop choking him landed on Jackson’s 82-year-old mother-in-law, briefly knocking her unconscious. As the officer released his chokehold, Jackson again informed the cops that he was an NYPD officer when another cop struck him in the head with an ASP tactical baton. After stumbling down the front steps, Jackson remained on the ground as a group of bloodthirsty officers began beating him with their batons and pepper-spraying him in the face. While placing him in handcuffs, the cops repeatedly kicked his body and kneed him in the back.

Following the brutal assault, the officer who initially attacked Jackson asked him, “Yeah, you motherfucking dirt bag, if you are really a cop, where is your ID?”

“My ID has been in my front pocket the whole entire time,” Jackson responded. “I told you that in the house.”

After finally checking his pockets, the crowd of cops immediately dispersed upon the realization that they just brutalized one of their own without justification. Despite the fact that he had his police ID and did not commit a crime, Jackson was detained at the police station for 20 hours before being transported to a local hospital. According to his medical records, Jackson’s face and torso were covered in large bruises while his right hand was fractured due to numerous baton strikes.


The story shows the lack of trust to black people, the stupidity and recklessness of police and finally the lack of justice. NYPD Officer Larry Jackson got $15 million (!) while families of other victims of police are still fighting for compensations or receiving lower amounts of money. That’s America!

1. do one thing at a time

2. know the problem

3. learn to listen

4. learn to ask questions

5. distinguish sense from nonsense

6. accept change as inevitable

7. admit mistakes

8. say it simple

9. be calm

10. smile

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Hakata Tonton, NYC

We recently headed down to West Village for our first meal at Hakata Tonton of 2016, and Chef Koji did not disappoint!

He kicked things off with a trio of raw appetizers, which included kampachi with ponzu sauce and garlic…

Salmon with avocado and ikura…

And Tonton’s signature raw Japanese veal liver, one of the city’s standout dishes, in my opinion…

The grilled whole mentaiko fish egg sack was just wonderful…

And Chef Koji brought us out some special New Year’s sake to celebrate…

Next up were homemade dumplings in chili oil with bok choy…

Grilled tonsoku (pork trotters) in ponzu sauce…

Then it was “nabe” time! We mixed things up a little this visit, ordering a Hakata Tonton Hot Pot to start, with collagen broth, Berkshire pork belly, oysters,  tonsoku, dumplings, vegetables and tofu…

That mountain boils down to a nice, spicy broth…

Then rice is added in at the end for a risotto-like finish…

To which Chef Koji grated on fresh Parmesan cheese to add a little extra umami…

Our other hot pot was our usual “motsu nabe”, with Kobe beef intestines, cabbage, Chinese chives, dumpling skins and garlic in a white broth…

Chef Koji multi-tasking here, stirring the pot while delivering beers!

And once our intestine pot was simmering…

…we went with rice AND noodles in this one!

The new, second dining room at Hakata Tonton is now officially open, and that makes it a little easier to get a table these days, but reservations are still a must. And with Chef Koji offering some daily specials and looking to add a few new menu items, the buzz over Tonton continues to build!

Hakata Tonton

61 Grove St., NYC