“The most important thing to me is shelter. Our rental house totally collapsed,” says Sayera. She and her baby began living in an informal camp following the massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April, leaving over 7,000 people dead and destroying nearly 191,000 houses. Another earthquake – measuring 7.3 in magnitude – struck the country yesterday, complicating recovery efforts that had only recently begun. 1.7 million children are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance - requiring clean water, shelter, sanitation. © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-1066/Nybo

Visual Business Model

Learning Process

The Visual Business Model Project gave me a better understanding in how the textile industry works, and how could we use a company’s business model to develop its opportunities.

The reason why I would like to include this project in my portfolio is because it gave me a better insight in how a company is working and making its decisions. I had the chance to visit a Danish work wear company, NYBO Jensen, and create a new business model to them during the project.

During the project we had to work in groups. We had a company visit to NYBO Jensen’s headquarters where we participated in a presentation about the company’s working system, customers, materials and production and marketing plan.

Our task was to create the company’s current Business Model Canvas, and rethink it with the mapping of relevant trends in the industry.

Reflection on Academic Development

The greatest value that I gained during the project was the different techniques of gathering data from various external places such as brochures, accounts and statistics. As we worked with a company that’s not even shared their market prices with us, we had to solve many difficulties regarding to the lack of public data.

Furthermore, our primary task was to analyse the upcoming trends in the textile industry, and give some possible suggestions and solutions on how to differentiate a brand by using new techniques. As we had access to the TrendStudio (trend library) provided by the university, we learned about the newest developments of textile production ( 3D printing, sustainability, nano textiles, smart skins, circular economy and laser technology). As I know that the usage of the mentioned techniques are still under development, but regarding to my future it was very useful to learn more about them.

As we had to write a proper report about the company and our plans, I could use the following models:

·         PEST Analysis ( the analysis of a company’s external factors: the political, environmental, social and technological components)

·         SWOT Analysis ( strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads of a company )

·         Business Model Canvas

·         Analysis of the company’s economy (ROI,Solency Ratio,Turnower Ratio,DuPont Model,PMR,Net Turnover,ATOR%)


Reflection on Personal Development

While I was working on the project I recognized that I am much more confident and enthusiastic then I was during the formal projects. The written part of the hand-in happened to be hard for me sometimes, but I worked hard to reach the perfect result and find my writing style within an official form. Also I had an opportunity to implement my visual presentation skills due to the oral presentation we had to give as the last task of the project.

During the project I gain an important knowledge about the working of the textile industry, the importance of analysing the competition and apply new trends to become more successful and outstanding.


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