hxh world so merciless to straight ppl. squala got the drop on him before he could live a settled life with his girl. pokkle and ponzu were killed off in terrible and really depressing ways. komugi was too pure, but also too straight. meruem was the strongest being alive and he died as he lived: heterosexual



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its like 6am but i just had a soriel feel

pls imagine sans and toriel describing themselves to each other for th first time… like, after a few weeks of talking and telling each other silly jokes, toriel innocently asks what sans looks like. at first, sans jokingly responds–and toriel laughs, soft and gentle, because it was a witty response!–but then she clarifies “no, no, really, i’m curious”
cue awkward pause, and sans trying his best to say this description of himself somewhat seriously and not too vague
its ok though, because toriel ends up having trouble doing so herself
they leave this talk with the helpful information that one of them is “well, short, and a skeleton” and the other is “rather tall, i suppose, and covered in white fur”