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Do you know the artist who drew the infamous picture of Ryuko in a bikini holding Senketsu? Also, would you happen to know whether or not that piece is considered official art or not?

Akira Amemiya!

It was originally included in the December 2013 and 49th issue of Nyantype magazine, and quickly spawned that massive meme where Ryuko is edited into wearing a million other outfits. Crunchyroll even wrote an article about it.

As for whether or not it’s considered “official” art… I can’t say for sure, and have even admitted in the past that I don’t really know how “official” you can count something from a magazine like Nyantype.

That said, considering all the merchandise based around this image…


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…I totally like to believe that “Senketsu’s Date with Ryuko” is official.

Especially since the card game is 100% official and included right on the Kill la Kill site.

I still want to know the story behind this so bad please bless us with a parallel work or Drama CD or OVA or light novel or something Trigger…!


Megami magazine vol.151 and Nyantype Dec 2012 issue.
Vividred Operations scan. 

if you ever see the Yurikuma pinups that appear in Megumi Magazine and NyanType and think “wow this is gross, is the entire anime like this???” just remember that there’s an entire line of official art for Neon Genesis Evangelion where the cast is inexplicably in a western American cowboy setting. Eva is a not a cowboy anime, Yurikuma does not have drooly gross male-gaze makeouts. Watch Yurikuma