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I tried to meme, but I think I changed the dialogue too much ( ; ∠ ; )

If anyone was wondering about perspective:

why do I treat my son so badly?? :’D

This started out as me just wanting to draw alternate arms for Nyanos, particularly a ‘battle mode’ upgrade (if the pieces on his face are any giveaway) but I realized that I haven’t exactly settled on a design for his actual body (I love robots/cyborgs/androids but why are they so difficult to draw and design?????) so I’m kinda figuring it all out as I go ( ‘ - ‘) he wasn’t even built with combat in mind initially, so I’m trying to find the right balance between lightweight plate armor and synthetic skin to allow for maximum flexibility, the chest pieces are still bugging me but, ehhh..

someday I’ll settle on a design //wheezes

millin21  asked:


👔: OC in what they would wear to a formal event (such as a wedding)

Since you didn’t request any specific oc, here’s Nyanos ( ‘ v ‘ ) who gives a seventeen year old a juice box at a wedding anyways??

and a terrible doodle of Aki in a Steven Universe shirt that I procrastinated all day on for 🎨: OC in a cartoon character’s outfit