(following the tail discussion here, here, and here) I finally cleaned up that sketch, so here’s more Nyanos with a tail (including closeups) you can also look at it in full view. 

I was going to put a third one in there but this weekend was really busy and I couldn’t really find the time, so I hope these will do. I still love the idea of Nyan with a tail, whether or not it’ll be a permanent part of his design remains to be decided though. If anyone wants transparents I can hook you up (☞ ‘ - ‘ )☞

here’s a lil bonus, in regards to this anon:


I keep forgetting to upload all these different drawings, these are probably two weeks old already ( ; - ; )

regardless of that, @anjelzjelly129 has a precious villain!Genos and I don’t do him nearly enough justice in these doodles (especially his arms, rip me) so you should go to their blog and check him out for yourselves!
We both agree that if our Genos’ met, they would only last a few minutes before trying to tear each other apart even if Nyanos is in his smol body.

SPEAKING OF THAT, I’ve been considering replacing the bracket on Nyan’s face with something easier to draw bc I’ve always hated drawing it hahahhahha and so far everyone likes the look, so it’ll probably be a permanent change.