Kazuma Kaneko Rockin’ Kats artwork from the July 1991 issue of Nintendo Power (Volume 26)

Most bearing Kaneko’s trademark signature “KAZ” (more notably seen in art produced for a game released the following year), these illustrations depict the game’s fearless feline Willy and his Super Punch Gun, his girlfriend Jill, and antagonist Mugsy. It’s just insane to think that Kaneko art was in such an early issue of Nintendo Power and that my eyes were probably glued to it at some point back then.

nyanki asked:

Sorry if maybe you talked about this before or something like that, but is there something that makes some chapters of the Mary Sue book reviews don't show on my phone or is it just tumblr screwing with me? (I'm really sorry if you explained this before or something and I just couldn't find it)

Try this.
Just using the search function for the tag “book reviews” on the homepage will only show you recent ones or some such nonsense, but if you click on the actual tag “book reviews” instead, then you should be able to access all of the posts I have with that tag.