nyankey asked:

this question is quite weird but ... for you , which SHINee's era was the worst ? (music , concept and stuff...) *sorry for my weird english if you don't understand the question or something like that ... x) *

ooh, don’t worry, your english is great :)

umm, to answer your question, the worst era? lucifer japanese era tbqh.

I wasn’t a big fan of the concept

thank you for asking :)

nyankey asked:

75. If you could have one super power, what would it be, and why?

I’ve always wanted to read people’s minds. It’s like, the best thing that could ever happen. Yet sometimes I’d rather just not know some shit. So I guess not that? idk…

eRm… FLYING WOULD BE NAISU. Or maybe something cheesy like being able to make everyone happy ;D Sounds good too, tbh. But idk. Flying sounds better lmao. Flying it is.

Unless it was having motivation… If motivation was a super power i’d fucking pay for it, sob. I’m ranting I’m sorry orz ;;

nyankey asked:

☁ ? :3

☁ = Tumblr crush?; Does this mean do I have a crush on someone or do I say my top tumblr crush thingy, lmao. Ahh, I’ll do both.

I don’t have a crush on anyone, lmao. and my top tumblr crush is… “joonahaddict” ^^

Thank you for asking, bb :3