Guess who’s playing TESO free weekend?

I remember playing this in the beta too and all the buggy and confusing crap they had then got fixed now. Once again it shows that publishers really shouldn’t push games out too soon.

It plays a lot smoother, the story quests are fun to follow and I’m really having fun being a Mage-Archer type person - summoning creatures to tank for me, throwing dark magic at them and arrow time when the mana is gone. >:D I love it, I wish there are magical archers in more RPGs.

Unfortunately there are still people jumping around and about when you’re trying to do a stealth mission (muh immersion) but it’s an MMO so it’s kind of understandable. The only thing confusing me is armor - do I go for light or medium (or who cares? lawl)?

Sadly I have waaaaay too many games that I should be playing before I pay more attention to this MMO but it’s something I’m going to keep in mind should I ever find myself wanting.

I was at a thrift store with my mom and I was like omg mom look at this shot glass, it’s so cute. Friendship is the joy to the heart and vodkaaaaa, and my mom was like “that’s a candle holder”. Can’t rain on my parade, it’s my shot glass.