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anonymous asked:

But do you think Mika would be a cat or a dog person???

Tbh, I’m sure Mika is actually both–I see him as a person who attracts all sorts of animals and people bc….Mika is just so lovable?? He might lean more towards cats, just a little! (I based some of Mika’s cat things off of Lunafreyas’ ‘Saving You’)

I bet after Yuu escaped, and Mika was turned, he befriended a black cat and named him “Yuu-Nyan”; they’ve been bffls ever since

Then after the war…after finally being reunited after four long years…

Goodbye, Yuu


I have sinned. 

//shamelessly inserts already used fanarts

Credit for the music goes out to @skelebros-covers-nobody-wanted . Thanks again for letting me use your music yo! You rock socks! :D