According to the Department of Impossible Cuteness the most delicious lunches are the cutest lunches. Thanks to this awesome Omusubi Nyan kit from Japan, you can create cat and cat paw-shaped onigiri(rice balls) and exponentially increase the cute-factor of your midday meals.

The multi-piece kit includes a cat-shaped rice mold and an adorable set of cutters for creating different kitty faces, paws, and a little fish out of dried nori seaweed. You can further decorate your kitty onigiri by using soy sauce to color the rice:

So what are we all still sitting here for? The sooner we all order our own Omusubi Nyan kits (available via Amazon), the sooner we can make a bunch and then get together for lunchtime kitty onigiri play dates. That’s a thing, right?

[via RocketNews24 and Bored Panda]


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