nyan pig

Okay so, I meant to post this yesterday but somepeople make me feel Tumblrweirdanxious at the moment and I’m trying to work past those emotions and yeah you don’t need to worry about that.


The cards were mailed out yesterday. I said so on Twitter but I have more room to talk here.

The box on the left are the cards which people who donated 50-99$ get. They are just signed by me. These are ON THE WAY!

So, if you donated 50-99$ (you would know by the email) then your card is on the way, literally, in the mail.

The box on the right are for people who donated $100+. This box is on it’s way to YogTowers to be signed by Zylus (he’s visiting for a few days).

So, if you donated $100+, you have a little more time to wait. Once Zylus signs them, he will post them to Panda, once Panda signs them, he will post them out to all of you.

Stats wise, gosh I can’t really remember, but, there are about 400ish cards being sent. Some of the below numbers might be ever so slightly off due to memory issues, but hope you enjoy these stats:

50-99 Card stats (we didn’t note the countries of 100+ sorry):

109 cards are going to the United Kingdom
97 cards are going to the USA
22 cards are going to Canada
22 cards are going to Australia
15 cards are going to Sweden
13 cards are going to the Netherlands
11 cards are going to Ireland
7 cards are going to Norway
6 cards are going to Finland
5 cards are going to Belgium
5 cards are going to Denmark
4 cards are going to Germany
4 cards are going to New Zealand
4 cards are going to Switzerland
2 cards are going to Japan
1 card is going to Austria
1 card is going to Croatia
1 card is going to the Czech Republic
1 card is going to France
1 card is going to Israel
1 card is going to Taiwan

(Please note: Numbers may be slightly off due to multiple cards being sent to some people)

Card stats:

4 variations of the Yogscast cards were sent out.
60% (estimate) the percentage of the white “Yogscast” letter cards sent.
20% (estimate) the percent of the “explosive” NinaSerena cards sent.
18% (estimate) the percent of the “Simon riding Nyan pig” cards sent.
2% (estimate) the percent of the “Red Yogscast zooming in the air” cards sent (rarest)


£392 GBP to send all $50-99 cards (635 USD/703 CAD/469 Euro/712 AUD)
£24 GBP to ship package to Zylus, then to Panda, to sign (39 USD/43 CAD/28 Euro/43 AUD)
£130 GBP projected cost to send all $100+ cards out to donators (212 USD/234 CAD/156 Euro/237 AUD)
£546 GBP total cost paid between myself, Panda and Zylus to ship cards (from our pockets, we aren’t claiming anything back) (886 USD/980 CAD/653 Euro/992 AUD)

46 botched cards which were thrown out.
31 botches envelopes which were thrown out.

18 hours to write, address and autograph each card.
7 hours performing e-mail correspondance and compiling data.
2 hours to package and seal each envelope.
45 minutes at the post office counter stamping envelopes (James).

People Stats:

175 people responded within 24 hours to my 1st address request e-mail.
114 people responded the day after.
71 people did not respond to my “you get a card” e-mail, which was sent 3 times.
18 people didn’t want a card. (UPDATE: Did a recount, this used to say 11 which was wrong)
4 people had more than 1 card in their envelope.
3 people requested the card also be addressed to their cat.
3 people calculated the postage cost in response to my e-mail.
3 people did not respond to the “prize winner” e-mail for prizes (t-shirt/prints/baguettes) and were thus re-rolled to 3 other winners.
1 person got a Lyndon pawprint signature.

That’s all the stats I can think up for now, but yeah. Don’t take these are perfectly perfect. The costs are perfect, the hours are perfect, the countries will be a little off due to multiple cards to some people and mixed in 100$ cards, and the people stats are mostly from memory (the later ones), but yeah, I’m confident they are just about right!

Hope you find this interesting, and I hope you enjoy your card, if you got one! Thanks for donating!

If you didn’t get a card this year, no fear, we’ll probably do it again next December.