nyan cat dubstep

And now, time for another installment of: SIHHSS*

*shit I’ve heard high schoolers say

Student 1: oh my god I’m gonna nail him I swear
Student 2: are you gonna nail him in an anal fisting kind of way?

“Do you think birds eat ass?”

*kahoot theme plays* “I could totally strip to this”

“I’m gonna wreck you like a rectum”

“I would rather have to take care of ten thousand cats than look at a human baby for more than two hours”

“I need to stop using my kid password for everything because the password to my webkinz is literally the password to my bank account”

“Okay, on a scale of one to Kanye West, the clouds aren’t THAT dark”

“Cole Sprouse could fist me in the ass and I would be completely okay with it”

“If we’re talking about stubby people I can name like seven”

“Hi, my name’s joe, and the only thing keeping me from sucking dick is my nut allergy!”

“Nothing says ‘high school furry’ like the nyan cat song mixed with dubstep”

Student 1: dude, are you good
Student 2: I was watching trolls at one in the morning last night - what do you think.

Student 1: *wiggling in her seat*
Student 2: what the fuck are you doing
Student 1: I can hear my drink sloshing around in my tummy

“I didn’t know England was like, in the U.K. I thought it was in like, Florida or something”

“Mm yes I love dead skunks, stANK ME UP”

*whispering* “the utters have spoken…”

“Lotion fingers over there needs to keep his slimy hands off of me”

“How does your phone confuse mmmmmm with mommy titties?”

“Cut his third nipple off - make him normal”

Student 1: I need a transplant
Student 2: what do you need to transplant???
Student 1: my body into a grave

“Your hands are mad pruney son. It’s okay though, we all get pruney hands sometimes”

Fact of the day: Ravage is the Unholy offspring of the Simba cat meme and the nyan cat theme dubstep 10 hour version and I patiently await the day she kills us all