nyan cat and unicorn

the most accurate hcs about the IT characters in the modern day:

we are all lying to ourselves so i’m doing this

bill: bill is quiet. he just sits in the back of the class and only wears blue jeans, a t shirt, and short sleeved plaid shirt that matches the t shirt. he makes good grades and just hangs with his friends. on the quiz bowl team. loves all of us friends but hangs out with eddie the most since they have every class together. no one really knows him and he’s okay with that.

ben: mostly hangs out with the boys. very quiet and nice. people love him because when he does talk, he’s very kind and caring. crush on beverly but won’t tell anyone. still likes boy bands. thinks MMMBop by Hanson is real music unironically. hangs out with richie a lot which is an odd dynamic but they’re really good friends and it’s nice.

beverly: quiet girl who sits in the front of the class. wears a lot of sweaters. hangs out with the boys for no particular reason other than the fact that they’re all really funny. she makes okay grades because she’d rather read and draw than pay attention in class. she’s still crazy smart though. goes to all the football games and made a shirt with mike’s number on it. has a crush on ben but is scared to admit it. writes poetry for richie.

eddie: That Kid. he sits in the back of the class but is really loud and constantly making noise. no one understands him. cried when he touched a piece of gum that was stuck under the desk and no one lets him forget. walks through the halls with bill. says things like “you know what? doctor who isn’t even that bad of a show.” screamed when pokémon go came out. used to make vines but they were mostly of ben lip syncing to 90s pop songs. dances to no music at random times during the day. he and richie are always in trouble.

mike: he’s friends with the losers but he also plays football. everyone loves him because he’s kind, athletic, and smart and always helps people with their homework. That Guy That You See At Every Party But Doesn’t Drink And Takes Everyone Home Afterwards. stands up for eddie when guys make fun of him. beverly’s biggest hype man. thinks richie is hilarious. New England Patriots fan.

richie: a Mess. wears weird graphic shirts with cats and space on them. unironically likes nyan cat and charlie the unicorn. eats warm lunchables for lunch which bill thinks it’s really disgusting but he eats them anyway. gives everyone a weird nickname (ex: bill - billiam). watch the breakfast club once and now won’t stop calling mike “sporto.” plays yu-gi-oh with stanley. tells beverly her poem need more meme references to which she replies by writing poems about memes just for richie. listens to music with Ben after school.

stanley: a huge nerd. still is interested in bird watching in the 21st century. wears a calculator watch and uses it in math. judged eddie for liking pokémon go because umm yu-gi-oh is the superior game but he actually goes out and plays pokémon with him because it’s fun. he hates the football team but mike always buys his tickets so he has to go. wears a lot of polo shirts and cargo shorts. he and beverly hang out a lot. has a lot of inside jokes with bill.