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Any Last Words?

Cite the final line of five of your fics - your favorites, or the most recent ones. tag five writers who should do this next.

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I gotta admit. This is interesting. This is the first time I’ve heard of this. I’ll do most recent fics (which just so happen to all be saigenos). 

  1. “It was a slow and chaste kiss, one that was unhurried, nonsexual, a promise, a tease for what the future entailed. “ - Perfect
  2. “Genos needed Saitama too.” - Symbiosis 
  3. “Saitama simply looked him up and down and smiled.” -Catharsis  
  4. “And soon enough, Saitama was hauled over the cyborg’s shoulder, laughing as he was carried into the living room.” - You are a Memory
  5. “They left the building, hand in hand, and, if Saitama snuck a few kisses along the way, then, well, he’d just blame it on old habits.“ - Once Upon a Dream

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Feel free to play along if you want :3 :3