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Rules: Answer the 20 questions (there are only 18 questions..what ) and tag 20 cool followers whoever you would like to get to know better. ( im too shy to tag anyone ; - ;)
Name:  Fio or Luscas 
Nicknames:  대신 (friend gave me this recently lol), grandpa, Lú and so much more
Sign: Pisces
Height: 160cm
Orientation: i really dont know the meaning of this word lol (google did no help)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Favourite Fruit: Apple
Favourite season: Fall, cause i really like the gloomy atmosphere, its not too birght or dark. I can wear both short and long sleeves
Favourite Book: I dont have one ;; r ;;
Favourite Flower: Daisy
Favourite scent: Forest smell in early morning, that salty smell in late afternoon by the beach, freshly printed book smell (i could list some more but that it would be weird lol)
Average Sleep Hours: 6-7 hours
Cat or Dog person: Both but sometimes i get scared of dog for no reason
Favourite Fictional Character: Genos (lol thats obvious)
Number of Blankets you sleep with: I only need one
Ideal Trip: To the beach ( or to the aquarium)
Blog created: Apr 24, 2014 ( Almost 3 years yo )
Number of followers: 1536 haha why yall follow this shitty blog (Planning to open a giveaway when hits 2k)

 Now to tag some awesome people! (If anyone decided to do this then its okay to tag me would love to read about yall)