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I Win (Feysand Fanfiction)

Feyre and Rhys teaching their kids to fly.


Rhys and I stood on the edge of the stones, both of us staring nervously out at the water.

“It’s not deep enough.” He said.

I bit my lip, considering ever factor, every variable. “There’s a shallow part up there right next to a low hanging branch. If he hits it…”

He shook his head. “I’m worried about the width. One wrong breeze and he could-”

“Would you two stop worrying?” Cassian cut in. I looked up to where he was strolling from the small camp Rhys and I had set up the night before. “He’ll be fine. We’ve trained plenty of younglings with half the safety precautions and we’ve yet to kill one.”

I paled at the word kill, but nodded anyway.

Cass is right. I told Rhys. And it’s not like he’s unused to dangerous things.

Rhys’s lips played in a smile. I will always treasure the memory of you knocking him flat on his ass accidentally with a wooden sword.

Just as I’ll treasure the memory of him beating you in a strategy game. I retorted

I let him win.

Yeah, right.

I walked towards the tent before he could answer. I felt the amused expression on his face following me. A second later, he sent an image of something that was definitely not appropriate for the situation.

I hissed back. Rhys. Ashryn just developed her scenting abilities. I’d rather not have her asking about the funny smell in the air whenever you get that expression.

What expression? He responded innocently.

I shook my head.

Then I heard a scream.

I realized it had come from the tents and bolted towards them. I was across the clearing and opening the flap in a flash.

I scowled at what I found inside. Nesta was frantically pouring water on the smoldering blanket, scowling as Nyle and Ashryn argued in the corner. As soon as they saw me, they both threw their hands up, pointing to the other.

“She set the blanket on fire!” Nyle blabbed.

Ashryn’s eyes were more furious than was probably normal for a seven year old. She scowled and retorted. “Only ‘cause Nyle snuck up on me.”

“I was just getting you back for earlier.” He wrinkled his nose. “Don’t be such a baby.”

“I’m not a baby!” She yelled.

“The carpet says different.” He responded.

“Maybe it’s a mirror and you’re getting me mixed up with yourself!” She yelled.

“Ashryn. Nyle.” I said sharply. They both quieted down. “Do we need to go home?”

Ashryn looked at the ground. “No, Mom.”

“Please no.” Nyle whined.

I tucked Ashryn’s gold hair behind her ear and mussed Nyle’s dark locks. “Ready, then?”

Nyle nodded. I grabbed his hand and lead him out of the tent, Ashryn bounding up behind us.

“Can I please learn how to today?” She begged, skipping between the tufts of grass. Her violet eyes grew wide as she caught sight of the creek Rhys and I had prepared with magic, deepening and widening it so it would break any fall. “Just cause Nyle’s older-”

“How’d you learn to fly, Mom?” Nyle interrupted. “Uncle Cass said you didn’t learn like Daddy and him.”

“Azriel taught me.” I answered simply. The entire story would take too long.

“How did you and Daddy meet?” Ashryn said suddenly.

I swallowed my laugh. “That’s a rather long story. I’d be telling you until midnight and then Nyle wouldn’t get his first lesson.”

“I’ll tell you.” Rhys said from behind us. I had heard him sneaking up on us, but I hadn’t said anything. It was worth it to hear the squeals coming from a startled Ashryn. Nyal, who had recently decided that he was too old to be scared of anything, quickly hid his surprised yell with a cough.

Rhys lifted Ashryn onto his shoulders, letting her swing her legs in the air as he held her hands. “Your mother saw me and decided I was the handsomest person she’d ever met.”

Nyle and Ashryn both wrinkled their noses. “Gross.” Ashryn said.

“Yep.” I said quickly, shooting Rhys a dry glare. “Come on, let’s go.”

Nyle and I ran to the edge of the creek. Rhys set Ashryn down and knelt down next to him.

Nyle had inherited Rhys’s ability to gain and lose his wings at will, while Ashryn had inherited my mix of magic. So it was easier for Rhys to get started. When I taught Ashryn, I’d have to put her through the same exhausting process I’d gone through with Azriel, slowly building wings from scratch.

As Ashryn watched her brother and Rhys, she frowned. Then she looked up at me. “Please, Mom?”

The whine was gone from her voice. It was just a small plea this time.

I nodded, smiling faintly, and pulled her into the woods.

A few hours later, Ashryn and I walked back to camp muddy and sweaty, both of us grinning. She had a small scrape on her knee and a bruise on one arm, but she didn’t seem to notice as she skipped over to Nyle.

I smiled at Rhys as he lifted a brow. “What did you two do?” He asked.

I just smiled faintly. “I taught her to fly.”

He glanced at her, confused. “But wings…”

Ashryn was teasing Nyle about his soaked clothes. “How did it go with him?” I nodded towards them.

Rhys smiled softly. “Better than I could ask. Better than my first time, probably. He still fell a lot though.”

I nodded. “Ashryn, Nyle.” I called.

They both looked up. “Yeah?”

I grinned. “Want to race? Girls against boys?”

What do you have in mind? Rhys asked.

Several things. It was my turn to send him an inappropriate image. But pertaining to this, just one.

Wicked and beautiful, as always, Feyre darling.

You have no idea. I smirked as Nyle eagerly nodded.

Rhys and I walked to the edge of the spring next to them.

“On your mark…” I said, winking at Ashryn. She bounced up and down excitedly. “Get set…”

I took a breath and summoned wind. Rhy’s wings whipped out, along with Nyle’s.


Before either boy could flap their wings, Ashryn and I shot across the creek, propelled by a powerful gust of wind. Nyle’s complaining shout rang across the forest as I scooped up Ashryn and held her high above my head, both of us still floating.

“We win!” She yelled. Her golden hair had come loose from her braid. It whipped around her face, her cheeks rosy.

“Not fair!” Nyle yelled.

“Come on,” Rhys chuckled. “Let’s go back to camp.”

I’m going to repay you for that. He promised, laughing into my mind.

I smirked again, then blushed as he sent another image.

Ashryn sniffed the air. “Mom, what’s that smell?”

From the other side of the creek, Rhys fell down laughing.

“Forest creature.” I said quickly.

Her nostrils flared again. “It’s gone now.” She noted.

I nodded as solemnly as I could manage. “It must have left.”

I’ll bring it back. Rhys promised.

I scowled. Good luck with that now.

I take that as a challenge.

I could hardly contain my grin as I responded. Let’s hope you don’t lose this one.

ཚིག་མཛོད་ [Tibetan Vocabulary]

I know not many people are learning Tibetan, but I just had to share these common words :’D They’re so pretty (provided that your computer can display tibetan characters lol)

དགའ་པོ [dga po] (v.) -  to love

ཟ་བ [za ba] (v.) - to eat

སྐྱིད་པོ [skyid po] (adj.) - happy

སྙིང་རྗེ་པོ [snying rje po] (adj.) - beautiful

ངུ་བ [ngu ba] (v.) - to cry

ཉལ་བ [nyal ba] (v.) - to sleep 

བོད་ཡིག [bod yig] (n.) - Tibetan language (written)

བོད་སྐད [bod skad] (n.) - Tibetan language (oral)

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Mi történt tavaly novemberben?

Novemberben történt a második első találkozásom @pillangokisasszony​-nyal.

Először még 2012-ben találkoztunk, amikor az egyik barátnőjével jártam, de amikor tavaly újra találkoztunk novemberben, egyikünk sem ismerte meg a másikat, így gyakorlatilag akkor volt az “igazi” első talink 😃

Annyira elbaltázott és tökéletlen volt a megismerkedésünk, hogy februárig rá se jöttünk, hogy kedveljük egymást és ezen semmiképp se változtatnék, mert ez a történet így passzol igazán hozzánk ☺️😅

SOUTH SUDAN, NYAL : Community members of the Nuer tribe stand among their cattle at a smoky traditional cattle camp at dawn at the town of
Nyal, an administrative hub in Unity state, South Sudan on February 25,
2015. Cattle are traditionally a source of enemity between the main
tribes of Dinka and Nuer who for generations have raided each other’s
lands, fought and killed for possession due to the respect and prestige
owning numerous head of cattle is perceived to carry. AFP PHOTO/Tony


Oh women and the things we do….during this performance of “Don’t Turn Me Down” an excited fan threw somethin on stage….watch and comment lol