All the credit goes to Nyah86Production. Thank you for making such spectacular Sherlolly videos.

Dearest Sherlollians, rejoice for canon Sherlolly! <3


Sherlock: Series 4 - Time is running out

WARNING: this trailer contains disturbing and gory images.

So I finally got my hands on the BBC Sherlock series 4 trailer and I decided to edit a somewhat darker version for the upcoming new series. I hope you like it!


All credit goes to Nyah86Production.

Yes, even if Sherlolly is canon now, I still want to watch old Sherlolly videos. Kindly support Nyah86Production. Her videos are mind-blowing!

Dearest Sherlollians, our ship has finally sailed! <3


This video was made by Nyah86Production on YouTube. Look her up, her work is fantastic http://www.youtube.com/user/Nyah86Production.

I’m probably going to end up blogging her entire collection of youtube videos. They’re all awesome.