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Shuu walked up to you and suddenly picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. "That's enough of this website called tumblr." He nearly growled, you had been giving tumblr so much attention that he felt a little neglected. 'Tsk troublesome woman',he thought, ''making me get jealous of a website.' Throwing you onto the bed he quietly joined you, "Just sleep with me today." He mumbled as he wrapped his arms around your waist and snuggled into you and put one of his headphones in your ear.

Nyaaaaa /-.… You are good at making me have feels…

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alt can it be bananya

( meme —- accepting &&. @kairospetrichor )

Drowsy, oh so drowsy. The feline rests tired eyes as his little mouth trembles softly by the force of a threatening yawn. Alas—

                                                       ‘ Nyaaaaa …

A yawn ! With that out of the way his eyes open && are tenfold brighter. Plush ears swivel in content curiosity when he finds an object; Long-haired Bananya’s comb ! He has always wanted to know what those bristles feel like. With some difficulties ( due to having smaller paws ) he grasps the smooth comb && passes it through light fur.

     ‘ Nya !

It feels absolutely marvelous.