I got my butt up this morning and I poured myself a cup of coffee to watch on NY1 like I always do! I really love that the four of us get to spend the next month together. That was actually the best part of the morning- hearing Brandon, Andrew, and Stephanie’s names called. I love them so much. The love is real. And now I’ve got this other candy-coated show that I get to go and be with today! I’m just thrilled.
—  Christian Borle on his 2017 Best Leading Actor in a Musical Tony Nomination for Falsettos

                                                             one gifset per episode: 
                                                               01. Unchanging Form
                  “…but where she always smiled your expression changes all the time.
                                                     And your heart changes as well.”

Wow! So I woke up and watched NY1, as I’m sure we all did! I was pretty anxious and thought “just get it out of the way and watch it live.” And, here we are! It means so much, especially since Stephanie J. Block, Christian, and Brandon were all recognized! It is so exciting when a show that has since closed still has the honor to be recognized and remembered by the Tony voters. It is so thrilling and I am so proud and miss it. As for right now, it is time to go back to sleep, late night at the Met Ball!
—  Andrew Rannells on his 2017 Best Featured Actor in a Musical Tony Nomination for Falsettos

Radiohead - Let Down @ Madison Square Garden 2016


“That rare show that connects us all.” - Roma Torre, NY1


Haha! Me and John on NY1 at #tonyawards. The world is collapsing upon itself. OH HELLO ON BROADWAY on Netflix June 13th. Vid by the man who dresses us @mjonf like gorgeous goddam cake toppers.

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Christian Borle and Jenn Colella on the good luck charm they’re bringing to the Tonys (excerpt from NY1):

Christian: “My fellow nominee Jenn Colella.”

Jenn: *in response to hearing Christian’s answer* “That makes me want to cry. I honestly…um, you know. He and I have been such dear supporters of one another, just in the universe. Not only our artistry, but I believe in who he is as a human being.” *turns to camera* “And I love you so much Christian, and it is a dream come true to share this with you.”

Watch on falsettosrevival.tumblr.com

From @NY1: “The musical @FalsettosBway picked up 5 #TonyNoms. The performers shared their thoughts on being nominated”

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