I got my butt up this morning and I poured myself a cup of coffee to watch on NY1 like I always do! I really love that the four of us get to spend the next month together. That was actually the best part of the morning- hearing Brandon, Andrew, and Stephanie’s names called. I love them so much. The love is real. And now I’ve got this other candy-coated show that I get to go and be with today! I’m just thrilled.
—  Christian Borle on his 2017 Best Leading Actor in a Musical Tony Nomination for Falsettos

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                                                               01. Unchanging Form
                  “…but where she always smiled your expression changes all the time.
                                                     And your heart changes as well.”


Radiohead - Let Down @ Madison Square Garden 2016

Wow! So I woke up and watched NY1, as I’m sure we all did! I was pretty anxious and thought “just get it out of the way and watch it live.” And, here we are! It means so much, especially since Stephanie J. Block, Christian, and Brandon were all recognized! It is so exciting when a show that has since closed still has the honor to be recognized and remembered by the Tony voters. It is so thrilling and I am so proud and miss it. As for right now, it is time to go back to sleep, late night at the Met Ball!
—  Andrew Rannells on his 2017 Best Featured Actor in a Musical Tony Nomination for Falsettos

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've ever done this, but can you rate Raúl's characters from most to least Raúlesque? :D


[please note, I know people have strong opinions/headcanons etc about these characters, and we all are familiar with Raúl himself on varying levels considering what interviews/experiences we’ve seen/had while loving him: so these are all my personal opinion and I’m sure tons of people feel very differently about the characters & Raúl than I do]

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Okay so Raúl has played TONS OF BRILLIANT ROLES, and as such, I can very openly admit I’m not all that familiar with a few of them, so I’m just gonna work with the ones I feel confident commenting on… so: off the top of my head….

Rafael Barba (SVU)
Frederick Chilton (Hannibal)
Nevada Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights)
Philip Sallon (Taboo)
Alfredo Aldarisio (Pushing Daisies)
Master of Ceremonies (Cabaret)
Johnny (Tick Tick Boom)
George (Sunday In The Park With George)
Bobby (Company)
Riff Raff (RHPS)
Che (Evita)
Jonas Nightingale (Leap of Faith)
Caractacus Potts (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

There are a couple I’m fairly confident we can exnay pretty quick… like, we’ll just cross Riff Raff right on out because I don’t think there’s much genuine Raúl in him at all other than a love for dancing… according to an interview he gave during the Taboo days, he specifically said how he could never address an audience like Philip Sallon or The EmCee could, so we’re gonna chuck those over to ‘least-Raúliest’ bin. Adding Che in on here because he’s also a heavy/pseudo-aggressive narrator role and I think it’s fair to lump those together.

Originally posted by esparzugh

Now, there are a couple that I think are ‘vaguely-Raúl-y’ because they’re brilliant and have his swaggar or a sort of poise; but they just aren’t Raúl enough… Jonas Nightingale, and I’m talking pre-salvation Jonas since that’s what we get from him most of the show, because I just don’t see Raúl as being willing to con people like that, hims is too nice *pat pat*. And, of course, aside from the Looks™ and that Seductively-Raúl air about him… our lovely Mr. Esparza is nothing like Nevada Ramirez, the trash can. Further, I think our favorite little incompetent (asshole-y) (paranoid) (self-conscious) (cocky & self-centered) Dr. Frederick Chilton doesn’t quite capture the confident, charismatic brilliance of Raúl…

Originally posted by justraulesparza

Continuing along this row of “on the line” characters, Raúl has said in an interview that ADA Rafael Barba is ‘kind of an asshole’, but turned around and talked about how he comes up and prospers despite his surroundings, which I can sorta see a parallel for his rise to ‘stardom’. However, I really don’t personally see the light-hearted / optimistic / fun-loving Raúl much in Barba, which could be due to the vague story line but EHHH. Also, I think most any performers / people dedicated to the arts can identify with George from Sunday In The Park… as in; needing to create (be it a persona or a painting), being misunderstood by those who are not ‘creators’, and finding a solace within your art- so I’ll say he fits in our Pseudo-Raúl’ bin over here, since I don’t necessarily think Raúl presents himself as melancholy or cold as George comes off as.

Originally posted by esparzugh

So, we’ve got the “Not Very Raúl” roles & the ‘Sorta Esparza’ spots out of the way. Let’s see the four I’ve got left to touch on:

Alfredo Aldarisio (Pushing Daisies) | Johnny (Tick Tick Boom)
Bobby (Company) | Caractacus Potts (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)


Originally posted by black-lodge-gatekeeper

So, I have to be honest with myself when I knock the next two off… I just really really really stinkin’ love the sweetness that is Alfredo Aldarisio & Caractacus Potts… I think I associate them so much with Raúl because both characters are good hearts, notably charismatic, slightly humorous, and just absolutely precious… which, I think all are characteristics I’d be confident applying to Raúl considering all the interviews etc I’ve seen- the man is a precious, well-spoken goofball and he loves it.

Originally posted by pyrrhicvic

And, my fellow Raúl-Lovin-Raúligans… leaves us with two characters I feel very strongly about and I very sincerely believe are quite Raúlesque… BUT: I feel like it’s important for me to point out that I think these two are very Raúl for very different reasons.

Example, I think Raúl sincerely identified with Johnny from Tick Tick Boom; and I think, because of this, he was able to see a lot of himself in Johnny…

Originally posted by minidodds

In Raúl’s “Ask A Star” interview, he mentions Johnny specifically, after being asked “Of All The Characters You’ve Played, Which One Would You Say You’re Most Similar To And Why” of course…

“Actually, the one I’m most like is John… I’m almost… uhm… yap. John Larson. In Tick Tick Boom. Not very eccentric at all. Uhm… but there’s a little bit of me in everything I play.”

And I believe there’s another interview, I can swear he says somewhere about being able to identify with him because he was about 30 when he was playing Larson- it might be the same interview where he was talking about how it felt when John’s Dad would come to watch rehearsals etc… I don’t recall which interview that was, though. 

Originally posted by esparzugh

The questioning of his talents, the wondering if this is the direction he wants to go in life (he talks in a Chatterbox with Seth Rudetsky about how he wasn’t sure whether to continue pursuing becoming a lawyer or going into acting for awhile), and just generally the desire and want to create something meaningful and purposeful. 

Originally posted by barba-booty

I think there’s a lot of Raúl in Johnny, and I think that comes through even brighter when you watch the show: with the goofy dances, the overall excitement, the dedication… So yea, I’d say Johnny is quite Raúlesque, or at least was at the time he played him.

Which, of course, leaves us with…

Bobby… Bobby… Bobby, Baby… Bobby… Robert, Darling… Bobby!

Originally posted by barbieinthecourts

And let me start this brilliant rant off by saying… I don’t think Raúl is much like Bobby, and Raúl has pointed that out in an interview with NY1. He says how there are a lot of aspects about Bobby that are not Raúl, but in the same interview he pointed out: 

Bobby is me, Bobby is you, Bobby is the audience […] In this case, there’s no hiding. I mean, I’m not Bobby really, I’m not many of the things that Bobby is… but you have to bring yourself to it.” 

Originally posted by eighthmark

Raúl took the reigns on Bobby and MADE HIM HIS. That’s why his spot in the role is so incredibly iconic, why I think he is THE best Bobby that has ever been in a performance of Company… because he put so incredibly much of himself into this role that he made Bobby so very Raúlesque. He took a lot of personal liberty with the role, which he was able to do with John Doyle, and was able to use his personal experiences to dig into in order to create that role.

“You’ve been called the ultimate Bobby; why do you think that is?”
“I guess I’ve managed to put my insides on the outside with this performance.”

I could, of course, continue typing out parts but I must insist that this entire interview really helps prove my point:

So, yea… Maybe this huge Meg-Ranting-About-Her-Random-Raúl-Opinions isn’t exactly what you had in mind, but we’re left with some categories I’m rather confident in… so from least to most Realistically Raúl…


Riff Raff (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
The Master Of Ceremonies (Cabaret)
Philip Sallon (Taboo)
Che (Evita)


Jonas Nightingale (Leap of Faith)
Nevada Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights)
Dr. Frederick Chilton (NBC’s Hannibal)


ADA Rafael Barba (Law & Order: SVU)
George (Sunday In The Park With George)


Alfredo Aldarisio (Pushing Daisies)
Caractacus Potts (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)


Johnny Larson (Tick Tick Boom)
Bobby (Company)

……. did I do this right?

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“That rare show that connects us all.” - Roma Torre, NY1


Haha! Me and John on NY1 at #tonyawards. The world is collapsing upon itself. OH HELLO ON BROADWAY on Netflix June 13th. Vid by the man who dresses us @mjonf like gorgeous goddam cake toppers.

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Christian Borle and Jenn Colella on the good luck charm they’re bringing to the Tonys (excerpt from NY1):

Christian: “My fellow nominee Jenn Colella.”

Jenn: *in response to hearing Christian’s answer* “That makes me want to cry. I honestly…um, you know. He and I have been such dear supporters of one another, just in the universe. Not only our artistry, but I believe in who he is as a human being.” *turns to camera* “And I love you so much Christian, and it is a dream come true to share this with you.”

Watch on falsettosrevival.tumblr.com

From @NY1: “The musical @FalsettosBway picked up 5 #TonyNoms. The performers shared their thoughts on being nominated”

martinezmau: A music mogul, a Russian princess, a cool TV host and a cartoon icon coming to Broadway together in a picture! Had such an AMAZING time this morning as co host in @ny1 #OnStagewith the cool @fdilella interviewing the beautiful @christyaltomare from @anastasiabway & the talented @ethansaslater who will star in #SpongeBobSquarePantsMusical this year! Make sure to catch the show this weekend on #NY1!! Thank you @mercedesclubnyc for welcoming us & treating me so nice! Jacket & boots by @versace_official @versus_versace#Broadway #OnYourFeet #Anastasia#SpongeBob #NYC #NewYorkCity #tv#press #MauricioMartinez

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