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hey man are u ok?? if u need anything let me know ):

yeah I'm just pissed at my mom and life in general because I couldn’t have one full day to enjoy my concert memories from yesterday and just be happy and at peace tbh like I just want one day where she doesn’t yell at me or insults me or takes away my things for no reason is that too much to ask

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Seb's hands, and that damn see-through shirt, and his jawline of sex, and oh boy, I can't .... I wanna ... *woof*

Damn, I know what you’re saying, these are my weaknesses 

Here’s a dump of pix the sheer shirt s.o.b. for your viewing pleasure

(Seb’s Hands)

i keep remembering that the nintendo store in ny sells a zelink shirt with link and zelda standing in the middle of a heart. idk if they sell it anymore but i know they did for a while…


We’ve been beach bums for the last few days. First, we travelled to Playa Blanca by an hour bus ride through the country, leading us to true island paradise. Our oasis was interrupted by an electrical storm and we were forced to take shelter in a small sand-floored restaurant. The waiter, who preferred to be called “Obama”, told us he would show us the menu…and then brought out a tray of freshly caught fish.

The second beach we found ourselves on was Bocagrande, a grittier atmosphere within the city of Cartagena. Full of locals, we rented a makeshift cabana, consisting of 2 plastic chairs and a tarp, from a young man named Peter who was rocking a Brooklyn NY t-shirt. It was meant to be. We got 1 hour massages for $10 USD and enjoyed las olas (the waves).

Today we head north to Santa Marta, a small coastal village where we will transition from our comfortable apartment living to a mixed dorm room. Wish us luck.