Fanfiction by the numbers -- An article from NY Magazine

You may recognise some of the lads in this March 2015 article from a NY Magazine issue.

On ‘Fanfiction’ and fandoms on the internet. (Spoiler: people really like One Direction):

Well this next bit certainly comes as a surprise. 

It’s almost like people genuinely seriously think Harry and Louis are in a relationship. 

How is this still a mystery to people? It’s been 5 years.

Increasingly, birth-control sabotage is viewed as a tool not for baby-crazed female stalkers, but for a class of predominantly male abusers who want to exercise control over their partner’s body, make her dependent upon them, or secure a long-term presence in her life.

Kat Stoeffel, New York Magazine

Very glad to see the creepy but important topic of reproductive coercion getting some much-warranted media attention. Dr. Liz Miller, one of the sources for Stoeffel’s piece, was kind enough to write about birth control sabotage for Bedsider. Definitely recommended reading if you didn’t see the article when we first published it back in December 2012.

  • INTERVIEWER:Do you worry at all about being typecast?
  • JESSE EISENBERG:No, I couldn’t care less about how I’m perceived by others because I’m not in control of that. I’m only in control to pursue something that I like, and then when I’m doing it, do it in the way that I feel most comfortable. If people perceive me a certain way or label me a certain way, then that’s for them to figure out. While they’re masturbating. Online. You know what I mean? Like, people write mean things about you online — then they masturbate.