MOGUL is looking for an Operations & Growth Intern
This is your opportunity to gain valuable work experience and insight into the NYC Tech scene, while developing and demonstrating your skills in the startup industry. As a MOGUL Operations Intern, you will be working closely with the Head of Operations & Growth to provide operational and administrative support, assist with event management, as well as help in company outreach projects.

Need a fall internship? Live in the NY area/go to school there? My company wants you!

NY Internship


So you guys know I like to edit movies, right? Well I showed my cousin my short film that I did (Cinematic Poetry) and she really loved it! So she pulled some strings at her job (I think) to edit some fashion videos as an (unpaid) internship for a week!!

But alas, all is not well for this adventure. I still need to find coworkers to pick up my shift at work this week. Additionally, I’m taking the BOLTBUS for the first time and I actually scheduled my ticket for the one starting at Union Station as opposed to Greenbelt, to which the latter I was waiting at.

Fortunately I was able to get on the bus fine anyway and Nneka, mom, and dad sent me off.