ny veg food fest

I had so much fun yesterday at the First annual NYC Veg Food Fest! The crowds wrapped around at least 3 city blocks with an amazing show of support all day!

I have heard people complaining about how most of the vendors had “junk food.” First of all, it wasn’t FULL of junk food. Second, seeing examples of easy to prepare or comfort foods allow help veg people looking to make more conscious eating choices an easier transition to a more compassionate goal. What if you are on the fence and don’t want to give up sweets and chocolate etc.?? You can still have it all!! Of course everything in moderation but it is nice to know that even the simplest things like marshmallows and cupcakes won’t be missed. There were also a lot of energy alternatives represented, garden tips and tricks and sprout containers for your kitchen, fabulous speakers about a healthier lifestyle and animal rights too. Oh, and the gift bags were a nice treat.  I was really glad ALL of the vendors and speakers were there!

I am sorry to those who didn’t get in but your show of support by waiting in line was really REALLY amazing! It shows how much New York and the surrounding areas care! I will be posting pics and stories and videos within the next week or so… hopefully you can relive the event with me and stay tuned.

PS. Just imagine with a turnout like this how great next year can be. It will be even bigger and better and I can not wait to be a part of it again!

Have a great Monday everyone, from my table to yours.