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Do you have/can you find the short clip where MM is trying to pronounce strawberry cheese tart in a Korean accent, but the host doesn't understand, so NY & JY have to help her? Pleassssse

I think I remember watching this! I just can’t remember where it’s from so I’ve had no luck finding it for the past food days… T.T Sorry about this! Can anyone maybe help out?

Kris Straub wanted to talk about how tv shows portray hacking, computers, and video games. Here’s what we learned: CBS does a wonderfully poor job.

1. Scorpion’s plane hacking.

2. Gears of War has been hacked on CSI NY!!

3. Four hands are better than two when it comes to keyboards on NCIS. 

4. Numb3rs doesn’t know what IRC is.

5. Maybe CSI NY understands Second Life? 

You can watch the full panel here and listen to our funny banter over these videos! 

Q: You must be tired of being on planes....
  • Hoya: We have our own way of having fun [on planes]. We like to play around alot. Before lift off, we like to pull the sheets on the seats that are next to us and then we tattle on them to the stewardesses.
  • Sungkyu: The stewardessed don't really like it. There are lots who just think it's cute and brush it off and there are some who yell at us. I hope they understand that it's just our little way of playing and we mean no harm.
  • Sungyeol: The ramen you eat on the planes are the best! It's standard to eat it twice. First when you have lifted off and second when the person next to you is eating it; you smell it and eat it over again. And the ice wine!
  • Woohyun: That is really tasty [referring to what SY said]. The wine they had on the plane was good so we bought it and drank it at the dorm together.
  • L: I sleep. No matter what, I sleep. You can think of it as: if it's a 14 hour flight, I sleep about 11 hours.
  • Sungkyu: I thought he was a bear hibernating in the winter.
  • Dongwoo: There was a time I watched 4 movies throughout the flight. But, OOOAirlines didn't update [their movie list]...
  • Hoya: I've been studying English these days and I watch some movies without the subtitles. If I look at English, I fall asleep in 30 minutes...
  • Woohyun: I watch Korean movies with English subtitles and check to see if they were translated correctly.
  • [High Cut December 2013]

Hugo, Boston Terrier (3 y/o), 7th & Ave B., New York, NY • “He understands Spanish better than English. He’s Mexican through fraternity.”

Disappointed, but not in Bernie. Disappointed in our whole rigged system. Disappointed that millions did not have the opportunity to vote due to superfluous rules, or not switching parties in time (like in NY).

I understand the anger and frustration; I feel it too.

Bernie has fought for the working class, for the environment, for senior citizens, for veterans, for his whole life. To dismiss a lifetime of his efforts based on his endorsement of Clinton seems misplaced. This man has fought so hard for us and done so much. He’s sparked a flame that will not be extinguished. It’s up to us now. The revolution continues.