ny surf

TDA headcanon

In the summer, the New York and LA Institute would have annual beach days where Julian and Jace would have surf competitions. Julian always beats Jace making Jace salty.  Every year Jace tries to beat Julian but to no avail. In the end he gives up with “You only won because I let you!” Although everyone know that’s not true.

asdfghjkl that interview with Eddie and Stone from 1991 is one of my fav things ever, i mean there are so many things that make me clap, laugh, scream and jump

  • the whole attitude Stone gives from the beginning, the sassy sarcastic one (everything about him starts with “S” which is not coincidence, also like sdog person)
  • i sing .. i do !
  • drop acid 
  • the way Stones inhale while speaking and then nearly screams out following sentences
  • Eddie being excited all the way along
  • surfing jokes
  • crowd surfing in NY - kkhhhchhhh, oh ! - synchronic look to the left then Eddie’s face right after this move when he listens to a new question
  • *the sweetest laugh ever i heard in my life* misplaced surfer ! (crap, i wish there was a gif for this moment when he laughs and comes back from laughter)
  • Stone’s geeky snorting giggle
  • fishing village
  • the peppers tour … actually goes to the place called ????, California <…> I MEAN LOOK AT HIS FACE WHEN HE SAYS THAT reminds me of one gif from pinkpop 2000 when he is looking at Stone (i guess?) and raises his eyebrows 
  • well i mean what do you mean.. something ..i mean
  •  :>
  • Eddie coming into the attack pose with his hand on his knees and all the body forwards
  • Chris Cornell is satan
  • if he is a devil i have to say devil is a beautiful person
  • he has a nice chest …dude .. jesus   *awkward moment*
  • Eddie’s lightning-fast moving with the CD
  • Eddie’s excitement to show the lyrics and Stone’s mom-face
  • Eddie looking for approval from Stone
  • Eddie coming closer to Stone
  • Eddie moving to the rhythm
  • Eddie
  • 3rd record joke *giggling like 13 year olds*
  • the fact that at this point they make an actual mirror image i mean

  • and they are moving the legs in a same way here
  • Eddie’s laughter too cute ede pls
  • Mike has been known to play the skin flute
  • jesus …JEEESUS…jEeEsus …
  • we’ve just been on the bus with 9 guys for the last month. so … - ugly men. - ugly …very ….
  • can’t keep this guy out of the crowd .. can’t keep him outta hospital either
  • Eddie grabbing his boob
  • macho cheerlader
  • i left the towels kinda messy
  • getting fucked up every night or, excuse me, drunk

the whole purpose of rewatching those wonderful videos was to find that moment where Eddie leans forward to fix his hair. i didn’t find it. but it was much fun as you can see