ny pop punk

Day: 1273

Shirt: Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal  

Color: Natural

Brand: Gilden Ultra Cotton

Source: (Yesterday) this is ironically one of my more favorite albums for 2014 but one of my least fav shows.  its a lot like the Liars where i am in love with the album and i don’t think the live show holds up to the album.  Its not to say the live show was horrible by any means, because it wasn’t.  but i I think when you have such a good album, the companion live show should reflect that albums efforts.  i dunno its just my opinion.  sometimes i think a lot of bands think the live show is what it is and i think sometimes that couldn’t be more wrong.  a little lighting goes a long way.  A few great props or a good visual compliment to the album behind stage does a lot too.  

Regardless the album is still great and perhaps i am projecting here on what i think should be instead of what actually is.  listen to this band anyways and enjoy them next time they come to town.