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Feels like a weird Dem thing where the Berniecrats are just going to call everyone they don't love corrupt. Any politician in NY/NJ gets money from the financial industry in the same way anyone in Iowa gets money from agriculture/ethanol. And as we all fight about this shit on the left we literally let legitimately corrupt individuals on the right win elections. Maybe seeing a real corporate presidency will let those on the far left see that moderate Dems aren't actually owned by corp interests

To be clear, *I* wasn’t calling Cuomo corrupt or agreeing that he is, because I don’t know enough about his political career to come to that conclusion. But I agree with everything you’ve said, and yes, that’s exactly what they’re going to do because they’ve already started doing it. They’re out there calling Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand corrupt neoliberals, in bed with/cozying up to Wall Street. I’ve seen comments exactly like that on Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere.

I don’t believe that they’ll see anything at the end of this administration, and I don’t think they’ll realize that having a moderate or centrist Democrat (which Hillary absolutely wasn’t even) is better than having Trump, or any other Republican (in the party’s current state). They have a purity test that they compare every single politician to, and that test is basically “are you as great as Bernie”. If you ask any of them about 2020 or read the comments under an article about 2020, their only suggestion for who to run is Bernie, or fucking Tulsi Gabbard of all people. These people are a lost cause.