ny livin


5 Pointz
The Mecca of Graffiti art located in Long Island City, Queens
Sad to say this place won’t be in existence come a few months
Glad I got to witness its’ greatness and be part of a movement that has been alive and well in New York City.
Take a look and zoom in on some photos and really look at the intracies of the work..
…I was left in awe

…Let Me tell you about the New York Ballet.
Forget all expectations you had, forget about the costumes, or prima ballerinas.
This was an experience of a life time but sadly it left me not wanting to go back for more.
Modern Ballet is just not for me, I love ballet for the art, the tradition and this Modern “ballet” that they displayed on my lovely Sunday afternoon did not meet par.
Though I havne’t given up on the Ballet…I have on Modern Ballet.
It’s checked off my bucket list FOREVER